Cleaning Products?

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  1. Bosco

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    I use pyrodex and 777 pellets and was wondering what the best cleaning products would be to use for the residue produced by this combination
  2. wtr100

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    I use equal parts of

    murphy's oil soap
    rubbing alcohol
    hydrogen peroxide

    I finish with dry patches down the bore and a patch with crisco on it the following day

  3. 1984cj

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    I use hot soapy water on my muzzle loaders and Cap and ball pistols. I SHOULD be re oiling with bore butter or crisco but I still oil with rem oil. I patch very well before I load.
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    Cleaning products

    Everybody has their own preference. I have always used plain hot water. Remove the barrel from the gun, unsrew the nipple if it has one and submerge the breach end in a pan of hot water. Wet a patch and with ram rod push and pull the patch through the barrel using a cleaning jag. Each time you pull, the suction will fill the barrel with water. Push, and it will force the water out the touch hole or where the nipple screws in on a cap lock. When the jet of water coming out is clear, the barrel is clean. Dry good and oil. I only use black powder, don't see why it would not work on Pyrodex too.
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    Best thing i have found is Windex with vinegar. This is the clear Windex. Mike Venturino, Black Powder shooter and Shooting Editor, got me onto it in an article that he wrote. Just spray it on and immediately the crud softens and can be wiped off with a rag. In the case of threaded components like breech plugs it is a good idea to use a tooth brush to help it along.

    Been using Windex with vinegar to clean my blackpowder guns for many years. There is nothing better. It works equally well for Black powder, Pyrodex,777, JSG and Black Mag 3 and all the other black powder substitutes.
  6. Unkown Soldier

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    I only use real BP, and hot water and dawn work great.

    I do use T/C cleaner out in the field to keep the build up off my pan and frizzen
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    Yes and I'm sure he'll get 10 million different answers to his question. I use hot water, brass bristle brush and a few drops of ballistol. Their general purpose Sportsman gun oil does the trick it gets allot of the junk out of there especially in the nipple area leading into the breech. The first time I used it I couldn't believe how much junk it got out of the nipple area. Globs of brownish black junk just came right out when I capped off the musket. I would definitely recommend picking up a can of Ballistol from Midway USA. The stuff works great, it by far one of the best black powder solvents I have ever used.