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Cleaning mossberg 183k

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I just received my grandpas old mossberg 183k (410 bolt action) and it is in desperate need of cleaning and lubing but I have no manual for it. Does anyone know how to disassemble?
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If your Grandad's shotgun is a 183K (no other letters after the K) it was made from 1953-1956. At that time, it was assumed that you did not need a big book to tell you not to put the muzzle in your belly button- and instructions were short and sweet. Here is a link to what instructions that there were that came with the shotgun when new: 183K.jpg 183K.jpg 183K 1.jpg 183K 2.jpg

The field strip- check that the gun and magazine are empty. Open bolt, pull to rear. Press and hold trigger, slide bolt out of rear. Use a coin or wide blade screw driver to loosen the take down bolt under the stock. Remove action from stock. STOP. That's far enuff, pardner! Use a toothbrush and solvent to clean what you can see, a rod and brush for the barrel. For outside, soft cloth, light oil, rub.
Thank you much, and sorry for posting into 2 different subjects, did not mean to.
If you don't move the C-Lect choke plate remove the shroud and get in between the fingers of the muzzle with a toothbrush and some dental floss, cleaning the inside of the shroud as well...
MB- not a problem- and good advice from Hock as well. The area inside the C-Lect-Choke tends to accumulate carbon- unscrew it, soak good in some Hoppes, let set for 30 minutes, scrub w/ tootbrush.
Mossberg 410 shotgun Model 183k

Here are the General instructions and parts list for the 183k.


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Here are the General instructions and parts list for the 183k.
thank you Onewheeler for posting these hard to find instructions for the mossberg 183k 410 shotgun. I am pretty new to the gun world.
my father just gave me his fathers 183kc 410 shotgun and it is in bad need of cleaning. your pictures are great but are blurry when enlarged. I was wondering if you would kindly let me know the instructions for removing the bolt and replacing the bolt once cleaned. I have a feeling it is pretty straight forward but would appreciate any assistance with the gun instructions as I am a novice and want to make sure it is done correctly. thank you and happy new year!
The bolt R&R is the same as an modern bolt action. Just slide the bolt to the rear and pull the trigger. To assemble just slide the bolt in the receiver. gently push foreward and pull the trigger.
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