Cleaning / Maintenance / Accuracy ???s

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    So I got to thinking about it.

    On my long guns, I use this bore guide(click link below)...
    Tipton Universal Bore Guide

    Very basic, but it has worked well. Im a stickler for treating my barrels and chamber just as good as my outside hardwear. A few deployments overseas has shown, take care of your gear, and it will take care of you.

    So for my long guns, its a great asset, and for $15.00, its litterally worth 3 gallons of gas, haha. But what about for pistols? Isnt it just as importantt to try and take care of the lands/groves within our pistol barrels too? So far, I havnt seen anything out there...

    Sugggestions/opinions on how you ensure to properly maintain the guts of anythign 4-6 inches...or am I just being too careful?

    I really do feel that not scraping, jamming, having rod drag across...has helped to maintain accurancy in my longer range shots, but what about my close range (which in a personal defense situation, may be just as / if not more, important).

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    I clean my firearms by running a brush through the barrel a few times, then soaking the barrel in Ballistol for an hour or two (depending on how long the powder residue has been in the firearm), while the barrel soaks I take some dry patches and wipe down the internals of the frame/slide and I use a tooth brush to wipe it down to sometimes, after I've wipped down the internals of the frame I usually put a little Ballistol on the internals of the slide and frame and wipe it down with patches.

    Once the barrel has soaked for an hour or so I run a few dry patches through it, then I run a brush through it a few times, and then more patches (I repeat this process until I get clean patches out of it)