cleaning after shooting corrosive ammo?

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    I just picked up a couple mosin nagants and a 8mm mauser and have been shooting surpluss ammo out of them for the simple economics of it, but no matter how much I clean in a couple of days the barrels look filthy.So the ? is, is there a special solvent that I can use to counter act the effects of the corrosive ammo and make it so I dont have to clean the barrels every few days?
  2. c3shooter

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    Yes. the older GI bore cleaner- US 30-06 was corrosive up into the early 50's.

    Could I ask how you are cleaning barrels now? I shoot a lot of Commie 7.62 and Turk 8mm- For me, rifle goes in padded vise, muzzle down at a 45 degree angle, bucket under muzzle, plastic funnel in chamber. Quart of HOT water poured thru bbl, bronze bush with Dawn dish detergent, scrub bore 20 strokes, another quart of HOT water, 2 clean dry patches, wait 10 minutes, oily patch, wipe off and oil bolt, put away.

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    Good advice c3, but may I add, check on the firearm after a few days to see if you need to redo c3shooter's procedure.
    I know that I sometimes don't concentrate on areas as I should and have been "bitten" once or twice.
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    At the range I squirt Windex with ammonia in it down the barrel, soak a few patches in Windex and run them through. When I get it home it's hot water then more Windex until the patches run clear. Then I use a copper removing solvent then it gets oiled.
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    I use Murphy's Oil Soap concentrate. One quarter cup of Murphy's to 1 gallon of water. Swab the bore and let it sit. Dry the bore and clean with a bronze brush and Hoppe's #9. I always check the bore after 3 days and if it looks dusty, I repeat the process.

    This method also works with Black Powder fouling. The only difference is, I do not use Hoppe's or any other oil based solution when using Black Powder. Oil based cleaners and preservatives turn Black Powder fouling hard and difficult to clean. I used Murphy's solution on my Sharps .45-70 target rifle and it cleaned it beautifully.
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    I spray windex, bore brush, & water, i then run patches of windex, solvent & to finish i run a patch of oil.
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    Not a big deal, just run a couple of patches soaked in soapy water, then dry, and clean as usual. Corrosive primer residue is water soluble.

    Most M91/30 barrels are dirty anyway and will never return clean patches. As long as the rifling is sharp and the bore is reasonably shiny, fire away. They were built to endure corrosive ammo, and held up pretty well after 50+ years in storage.
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    I have some cans of mil surplus from WWI to WWII era of bore cleaner, for the corrosive ammo, they used then.
    I think it is referred to as milk.
    I have no idea what is in it. The cans are short small od colored cans.
    If can get the chance to dig through all the stuff still packed, from moving I'll post it.
    Might still find some at Army Surplus stores.
    I used in in the Garand after firing some surplus .30-06 several years ago. I couldn't tell it did anything special to the bore but there is still no rust, in the bore and hasn't been fired since late nineties.
    As far as the rest of the rifle, It was disassembled and cleaned with Hoppes and I may have used some down the bore too.
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    Original post from 2010.

    Why not open a new one?
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    I used WD-40 at the range and then clean good when I get home. The bottom line is that corrosive primers leave salt in the barrel. Salt is not oil soluble, but water soluble. Windex, Soup and water, WD-40 (water based) all dissolve the salt. Do that first and then clean your regular way. Based on the thread and the nice people who responded you now have a bunch of solutions. Remember salt dissolves in water.
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    Id seen a gas pistion on a Chinese Type 56 seized in the tube, remember just because the bore is chromed they still corrode.

    Also seen bore of a Polish Mosin and a bolt action 7.62x39 rifle (carcano) that the rifleing looked like a interrupted thread.

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    My gosh but did I ever learn a lot from this thread. While I've always used soap and water to clean my black powder arms, it would never have occurred to me to use water/soap/glass cleaner to clean modern rifles with corrosive primers.