Cleaning a Stainless Steel Ruger?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by fupuk, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. fupuk

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    Im asking here instead of trying random sh*t on my own. What are the best products for cleaning a Gp 100? Inside and outside of the revolver.And how often to oil moving parts and what to oil? This is my first handgun and Im looking for the best method that works. I read the manual but there really is no insight on how to clean it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks again
  2. nccinstaller

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    I just hoppes 9 with a tooth brush to clean everything use a no lint towel to remove all that, a 357 bore brush, then rem oil to lube and protect

  3. fupuk

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    Im just wondering what should i lube? Should i wipe the revolver down with oil or is there something else? Sorry for being so demanding but i honestly have no idea for a handgun..
  4. chewchew

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    Rem oil works for my guns.
  5. c3shooter

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    There are dozens- nay, HUNDREDS of different gun cleaning/ caring products- everyone has their favorite.

    Hoppes No.9 works well, and Rem-Oil or CLP for lube. PLEASE do NOT use WD-40. Do not over lube- parts that turn against other parts get one drop.

    There is also a de-leading cloth you can use on face of the cylinder (DO NOT USE ON BLUED GUNS). Microfiber towel, couple of drops of oil, wipe down exterior.

    Stainless should be spelled stain LESS. It CAN rust- just more resistant to it.
  6. winds-of-change

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    I have a stainless GP100. I clean it inside and out with Hoppes#9. I run a VERY LIGHTLY rem oil lubed patched down the barrel. After it's all clean, I spray Fluid Film on the outside of it and gently wipe it down with a soft cloth. Oh, yeah, I always take the grips off before cleaning.
  7. hardluk1

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    I have used breakfree clp for basic cleaning and lub/oil since the mid 70's. and kroil oil for heavy cleaning of barrels on new and used rifles. The few synthetics CLP's out there like breakfree over time soak into the metal and help to stop any problems over longer time frames in storage or from weather while hunting. I have 4 SS firearms with one being 22 years old and still look like new but so does a way older colt huntsman.
  8. GunDoc

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    The best answer depends on what you do with the gun. Do you shoot soft lead, hard cast, or copper jacketed bullets? Do you carry the gun CCW, and if so is it in a synthetic, nylon or leather holster? What's the weather there? For instance an average day in Montana right now is well under 30% relative humidity so oxidation is quite slow. How often do you clean it, even if you don't shoot it? RemOil is a nice light oil and CLP is a heavier oil, Flitz metal polish is not oily at all and a good choice if you have acidic perspiration. You may need to start cleaning with a Lewis Lead Remover, or you may only need a BoreSnake.

    I'm sorry to muddy things up so much, but I'm pretty passionate about cleaning. Many of the guns I repair only needed a proper cleaning and good maintenance habits to avoid a trip across my bench. If you want to know more email me and I'll offer all the help I can.