Cleaning a Ruger 10/22 with scope

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by Norwegian, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Norwegian

    Norwegian New Member

    Any tips on how to clean a this gun with scope mounted on? I dont want to take the scope off the gun each time i clean. And no, i dont have the new take-down version.
  2. kaido

    kaido New Member

    If its anything like my 702 Plinkster that I had a little while ago, just leave the scope on and clean it like normal. All I would do with mine was pull the stock off it, open the action run a few patches through it then I'd give the bolt and such a good wipe down. I know with the Plinkster you had to send the cleaning rod down the muzzle, put the patch on it and then drag it back out the way you went in.

    After cleaning your rifle you may or may not notice a change in the point of impact, even if its a small one. I personally wouldn't really bother adjusting the scope again unless it hasn't gone back to hitting where it used to in maybe 10-20 shots. Like I said though, I doubt it'll make any real POI shifts.

  3. jp_over

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    I also leave the scope on my weapons when cleaning but I'm careful not to get oil or other cleaning products on the scope lenses as this can be a pain to remove.
  4. javelin225HO

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    I leave my scope on also. I have a Remmy 597 and a 10/22 but its a takedown. I bought a cheap gun rest and use that to hold the gun. I use a bore snake to clean the barrel, usually run it through 4 or 5 times. The bore snake does a good job as I have ran a rod and patch through my 10/22 after using the snake and it does get it clean. I use small patches with hoppes 9 on them for the chamber and for the hard to reach areas I use a Q tip.
  5. lfcshooter

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    I would definitely recommended the bore snake over a rod in a semi auto

    I start the snake off in the chamber end to avoid excessive wear on the crown and avoid dragging crud back into the action

    Periodically take the action out of the stock and break it down for full clean
    I tend to clean the barrel after a couple of thousand rounds but I would do a quick wipe in the chamber after each shoot .
  6. hmh

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    You can drill a hole in the back of the receiver. If you go to rimfirecentral you can get the exact measurements on where and what size.
  7. JTJ

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    Taking the action out of the stock can change your poi. The action screw should be torqued and different guns like different torques. I usually start at 18 inch pounds and will adjust up to about 22 inch pounds. I never remove the scope or optic. Get an Otis cleaning kit.