Cleaning a lever action after shooting

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    Howdy I just got a Henry .22 and its my first non bolt action rifle. Anyone know how to clean these rifles after a day at the range I was told to never insert the rod muzzle first however on the lever action you can't remove the bolt easily , or can you? please help it's sitting dirty and THAT'S DISRESPECTFUL TO A PEICE OF AMERICAN HISTORY (lever action)
    Thanks in advance...
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    Many people don't brush the bore on their rimfires. Personally I use a bore snake from the breech periodically- like every 500 rounds or so.

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    use a Bore Snake to clean the bore.

    part of the reason you clean from the breech instead of the muzzle is that you don't want to ding or damage the crown, as this can affect accuracy if it's damaged. there are some types of rifles that are much easier to clean from the muzzle, like lever actions and some semi-auto rifles. i clean my lever actions from the muzzle, but use a muzzle guard to protect the crown. most places that have full line of gun cleaning products should have them. i got mine from MidwayUSA. they are not very expensive.
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    Cleaning a Henry

    There is a nice video on bench stripping a Henry on the net. I also agree with viking on running the bore snake down the barrel after 500 rounds!:) Cliff
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    I use only subsonic lead ammo and NEVER use a brush on mine. Just a few dry patches every 1500 to 2000 rounds. Or when accuracy starts to die off a little. Don't use a snake either because they have bore brushes imbedded in them. The lands and groves are so small that they will pull small amounts of brass from the brush and leave them in the barrel. Because of the lower bullet speed the rear of the bullet isn't deformed and the corners of the lands cut into the bullet just enough for consistent accuracy. (Match ammo helps too). Brass is abrasive to steel it just takes a long time but keep in mind that brushes are over sized as well. Once the sharp corners on the lands are gone so is accuracy forever. If you are using plated bulk ammo this does not apply and I would foam or solvent because that coating comes off in the barrel too. If my accuracy didn't improve from following this I wouldn't be telling you all this. ;) and yes it is the hardest thing in the world not to clean my favorite gun after I shot it all day.
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    On a .22 rifle, I clean the chamber with a Q-tip, but I only clean the bore every few thousand rounds.

    Many small bore competitors never clean the bore of their 22 match rifles.