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    I had a quick question about using a steal bore brush to clean a Remington 597 .22lr. The barrel is not removable and there is no way to push the brush through from the chamber side. I have heard that you are not supposed to push the bore brush through from the muzzle end, IE against the rifling, but I wanted to know if this was true or not. If this is true, what is the best way to clean a .22 other than with cleaning patches. Thanks.
  2. matt g

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    Carefully push the rod through the muzzle end and run it down into the receiver. Screw the brush onto the rod there.

  3. stalkingbear

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    Remove barreled action from stock, you'll see 1 allen head screw holding the barrel block on, remove that screw & block, clean from breech, reassemble.
  4. Jay

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    ...or just get a patchworm and pull your patches thru from the breech without taking the barrel off. I've got several in my range bag, on the bench, and in the truck. I think they're excellent.

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    STOP. DO NOT use a steel or any other metal bore brush on a rimfire. Heck you really don't need to clean the barrel but maybe one or twice a year or when the accuracy starts to get bad. I have almost 3000 rounds down the tube of one of my rimfires and the accuracy has not gotten any worse yet. Then it will be patches with Hoppe's #9 only.

    I know plenty of guys with $2000 rimfire bench guns that don't clean the barrel at all.

    You can clean from the muzzle if you want just make sure you don't harm the crown (Front face of barrel) the crown needs to be the most uniform part of a gun and will affect accuracy more than any other art of the gun minus the wing nut pulling the trigger. If you don't want to take the chance of harming the crown then get a patch worm.
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    I haven't used a bore brush in years. Instead I use Q-Tips as you can screw them right into the end of the cleaning rod. Fluff out the other end a bit and dip it in your Bore Slovent (just a dab) and push it through either the breech or muzzle. Wait a bit then follow up with a few more Q-Tips and your bore cleaning is done. You can follow the last Q-Tip with a small lightly coated oil patch using the Q-Tip to push that through the bore. Seems to work for me and I'm happy with the results. Q-Tips are cheap.:)