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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Ruzai, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Ruzai

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    I ran across a good deal with a friend needing some cash and got 2 boxes of Winchester Clean in 45 Auto for $10 a piece. After a trip to the range I found my 1911 looked almost as clean as when I left for the range. I used about 30 or so of the rounds in the 1911. 30 rounds of anything shows in my 1911, whether it's factory or reloads. It got me to thinking, how the hell do I make my reloads cleaner? :confused:
  2. JonM

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    Different powders have different shooting characteristics.

    I worry more about consistancy and accuracy than how clean it shoots. Unique is my favorite for that reason for 45acp.

  3. cpttango30

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    I use titegroup in my 45 loads and it take 2 passes with a patch to clean the barrel. Thats it. Some of the most clean burning powder out there.
  4. noylj

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    If I want accuracy in a 45, I use AA2, AA5, Red Dot, and Unique.
    Never have made "clean" as a goal.
    TightGroup doesn't give me as tight of groups as the above.
  5. yellowhand

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    If I went to the range and came home with clean hands and a clean gun, my wife would not be happy with me!:D and telling her I used clean burning powder would not go over well:D
  6. Ruzai

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    I've read that Winchester Clean uses "lead-free" primers, which supposedly only lasts about 10 years rather than more than that with typical primers. I've never kept ammo for more than 5 years so the lifespan of them doesnt much matter to me. I cant seem to find any primers that claim to have any characteristics that would make things any cleaner. Anybody know of any?
    I suppose some of you must think I'm nutty as a squirrel turd to worry about clean ammo, but I wouldnt mind trying to reproduce the results the WinClean came out with since they were consistent and clean all at the same time.
    What about burning characteristics of different shaped powders? Ball vs stick, or flake vs ball? What's your experience with any of that good stuff? Like for examply IMR-800x used to leave flakes all over me, no matter how much or little I used of it, where as when I used Unique producing the same velocity it didnt tend to leave behind as much as IMR-800x did.
    I'm just trying to get pointed in the right direction to reproduce the results of the WinCLean as best as I can as a reloader.
  7. Sonnypie

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    I put Comet in mine.
    Scrubs the bore as I shoot. :rolleyes:


    I found on Winchester's site.
    No lead. For indoor ranges. Tin core bullets.
    Now we all learned a little.
    I don't see it in 45. Just 9mm and 40.
    I thought that was odd.
  8. jpattersonnh

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    I have a box of old Win clean ammo, I always thought that it was because the bullet is completely incased in copper. Powders are funny, W231 is pretty dirty , not bad in 9x19 and .45acp, but is pretty clean in 10mm. Unique is much cleaner. In my .357 it is 296 all the way!