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    I own one of the ORIGINAL snubbies, a Webley .455 Metro Police revolver!

    My grandfather got it sometime prior to WWII and when he died at 90 in 1967 the gun went to my father. Our best guess is it was made in the 1880-1890's time frame. After my dad died in 1995, we thought the gun was lost or had been sold by my father since it hadn't been seen by anyone for years. However, my younger brother found the gun, a pair of half-moon clips for .45 ACP rounds and a box of bullets in a shoebox a few years later. It had been hidden in the back of a closet at my parent's house for who knows how many years and was found while my mother was having a bedroom remodeled. My mother gave it to my brother and he gave it to me several years ago when I was back home in NC for a family reunion. It was the first handgun I ever shot back in the 60's when I was a teen and there is still a hole in the basement wall at my parents house where I tried a round of old .455 ammo to see if it would still fire... it did! Luckily, nobody was home at the time and I learned a MAJOR lession about treating every firearm as if it were loaded. :eek:

    Someday, I plan to pass it to one of my sons as a family heirloom.

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    Cool gun,that looks like a hand full shooting a 45 acp.

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    Excellent and with some family history to boot. :cool:
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    Beautiful gun.

    I'm gonna assume half-moon clip is a typo, or does such a thing exist that I'm unaware of?

    Anyway, again, beautiful piece.