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    I second Red Dawn. The original one. This is about Cuba and Soviet Union invading the US and teens start a resistance. Wolverines! The new version is North Korea.
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    Each of the following had something going for it. Classics ????? You decide

    Mass Appeal ( Jack Lemmon ! )
    True Confessions ( sex and blood )
    Crimes of Passion ( sex and violence )
    Days of Wine and Roses ( Jack Lemmon ! )
    The Killers ( Both the original and the remake are good, violence )
    The Big Clock ( Remade as " No Way Out " --which is better )
    No Way Out
    Body Heat ( sex and violence )
    How The West Was Won ( old family movie )
    Von Ryan's Express ( Great line spoken at the end )
    The War Wagon ( violence )
    The Outlaw Josey Wales ( sex and violence - boob shot during rape lasts one frame )
    Rear Window ( sex )
    The Ipcress File
    Three Days of the Condor ( violence )
    Atlantic City
    Atlas Shrugged Part One and Two ( Part III may never be made because these two weren't good enough but they may prompt you to read the book . Unique in that these movies defend capitalism ; unlike Hollywood ).

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    Don't think anyone has mentioned this one

    Airplane - hilarious comedy from late 70's with a bunch of well known people in it.
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    Dirty Harry --
    Go ahead, Make my day....
    Seein' as how this is a 44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world.. and it will blow your head clean off. You have to ask yourself "Do you feel lucky." Well do you, punk!
    The boys and the girls...
    Well now, that's very stylish!

    Gone With The Wind....
    Fiddle dee dee. I'll just think about that another time.
    Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
    Bunches more...

    Play it again, Sam.
    I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship!
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    The one quote that got me to watch a movie the most over the past couple years is...." Squeel boy, Squeel like a pig!" ;)

    I kinda knew this would happen when u asked about "classic" movies, some people go to Casablanca and Gone with The Wind and others will go to Spaceballs and Predator.

    I think that each time period has its own handfull of "classics" that people are always going to remember and quote.(usually being a wiseass or kidding around)Example: Ill call my bro up and leave a message on his voicemail and alls ill say is," Get to zeee Choppah!",and he instantly knows its me and im quotin Predator with Ahhhhnold.

    I know that movie quotes have played a huge part in my life with my family because we built,started and ran a family video store that was very successfull for years. Ive watched sooo many friggin movies it would make ur head spin.(Plus all the free porn i could swindle out of the office,Ha!)

    Heres a couple of my favs...

    Horror-- THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE(The org. 1st one directed by Toby Hooper) There was just somthing about Leatherface that was perfectly terrorfing,and it still gives modern horror movies a run for there money.

    80s Brat Pack-- BREAKFAST CLUB, I dont have any of these in my collection,but this one right here always leaves me feeling all highschooly and wondering where Emilio Estavez is now lol.

    Drama/Thriller--- SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, Anthony Hopkins and Jodi Foster really bring superb acting and a awesome story to life with this one. QUOTE, " Its puts the lotion on its skin,or it gets the hose again".

    Comedy --- MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLYGRAIL, If your talking quotes this movie right here has been a staple movie to bust out multply quotes at any given moment and most everybdy knows where it comes from. The humor some people just think is stupid,but it will always be a quote classic.

    Book/Drama--- SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, written org. by our own Stephen King(master of horror) comes a movie that i cannot pass up flippin channels. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman and other cast with a solid storyline make this one a must watch(i dont care who u are,if u havent seen it...)

    cult/comedy--- CHEECH AND CHONG UP IN SMOKE, Cheech Marrin and Tommy Chong blaze the way onto the silver screen with this one, and its got quotes aplenty! One of my alltime fav. movies from the younger daze;) " im smokin dog**** man?"

    I could go on allday like this theres just alot of "classics" out there for sure. Oh and another thing as youve prolly allready found out, your classics and sombodys elses might be completley different. I think everybody has there own personall.:)
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    I didn't expect so many rapid responses lol. There's too many responses to reply to individually.

    This is a perfect start to the list. There's a few of some that I've seen and some I've never even heard.

    I will hopefully get around to watching them but this is exactly what I need for the movie store when we can't decide on anything to rent :)

    Keep em coming if you've got more, I know there's a million of em.
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    Both Grumpy Old Men films.
  9. F4U

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    Any of the 4 Bogart/ Bacall movies, all great. Almost any Humphrey Bogart movie. He is my favorite actor, followed very closely by John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

    A couple of odd
    ball favorites are:

    Streets of Fire, This is my all time favorite "bad" movie. Several actors and actresses who went on to become big stars.

    Nate and Hayes, Very early Tommy Lee Jones.

    Allegheny Uprising, Very young John Wayne and Clair Trevor. Mid 30s maybe?

    Thunder Road, Robert Mitchum as a moonshine runner. A couple of cool cars in this one.

    For pure mindless brain candy. Smokey and the Bandit, Both Cannonball Run movies, Stroker Ace, Hooper,all Burt Reynolds comedys.

    Semi serious Burt Reynolds, "White Lightning", and "Gator", and of course " Deliverance"
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    The Maltese Falcon.
    Bogie. Mary Astor.
    "It's the thing dreams are made of"
    Watch it uncut.
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    Jeremiah Johnson I'm watching it now for the 20th time!
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    I like the mindless comedies. 2 of my favorites are:

    Top Secret! Val Kilmer was funny in this one. I laugh so hard every time when the German vehicle screeches to a halt but barely taps the rear bumper of a curiously placed Pinto and they both explode.

    Army of Darkness. The best one liner comedy I have seen. Hail to the king baby!
  13. beaglesam

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    Kelly's Heroes 1970
    The Valachi Papers 1972
    The St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1967
    The Dirty Dozen 1967
  14. jeffm

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    Evil dead 1, 2
    Army of darkness
    texas chainsaw massacre
    terminator 1, 2
    Killer Klowns from outer space
    Happy gilmore
    big lebowski

    night of the living dead (original)
    The Thing (70's/80's version)
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    The departed
  16. Rentacop

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    There's an old black and white I saw as a child . It is called The Visit.

    The plot is unusual : An old rich woman visits a small european town called " Gullen ", a depressed town with a closed mine, factory etc. The townspeople hope she'll invest in the town . She starts by setting up a credit plan that puts everyone in debt . At the end, the mayor asks her to buy the mine and factory, which were profitable before the town went downhill . She asks, " How can I buy the town ? I already own it .
    It turns out she was a young girl who was run out of town for getting pregnant by a prominant man and she bought up and impoverished the town for revenge. Getting everyone in debt on her credit plan was the final bit of revenge .

    I think small town " Gullen " was like the United States today : Industries shut down... most of all, gullible .
    And the Democrats are bent on taking us down for our percieved injustices !