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classes in east ms?

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does anyone know of any classes in east ms. carry classes/ defense classes? :confused: cant really find anything online anywhere.... :confused::mad::confused:
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They're not so common in MS. Over here I know of three different instructors just in my city alone, because Louisiana requires a class to obtain a CCW permit.

In MS, classes aren't required for concealed carry, and were just damn near impossible to find before they started issuing the "enhanced" concealed carry permit. And now, it just still isn't very common.

You may just end up having to travel a little. Try contacting a local range first though, they may be your best bet for info.

Those are people teaching the "enhanced" permit classes; they may know of other classes too. Sorry for delay.
Sherman Hill Shooting Center is in Forest. Half way between Jackson and Meridian.

601-825-3971. Pretty sure it's on orangello's list showing as Brandon but the range is in Forest.
It is on the list.

Clyde Harris Morgan
Brandon, MS
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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