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Class 3 Questions?

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So, how does one become a Class 3 holder?

Is a Class 3 license certifying the person+the gun? Or simply the person themselves? (once I have it, I'm clear to buy authorized pieces?)

What is the routine, once you have one?
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First off you need to apply for your FFL then you can proceed to obtain your SOT class 3 license. Remember before you go in for all the paperwork make sure you are zoned if you plan on doing this out of your house the FFL is good for 3yrs and the SOT is due every year July1 $500. IF you are just planning to do this for personal gain to get machine guns dont bother you have to make sales otherwise it is tax evasion it just makes sense.

If you are doing this as a consumer the other option for sign off is doing a living trust besides the LLC route. I have many customers go this route it is not a business and therefore not as complicated.

Hope this helps
Later Joe
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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