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Class 3 Questions?

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So, how does one become a Class 3 holder?

Is a Class 3 license certifying the person+the gun? Or simply the person themselves? (once I have it, I'm clear to buy authorized pieces?)

What is the routine, once you have one?
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RE: Class 3 Questions

Class 3 license is to SELL machineguns.

SOT : Special Occupational Tax Payer or TAX STAMPER is an individual who owns registered machineguns.

You pay a one-time $ 200 transfer tax for each serial numbered part
machinegun/silencer/shortbarreled rifle/shotgun.

Must live in a state where legal. Form must be signed by a Sheriff/Chief of police to purchase unless registered to a Corporation or LLC..a way around LE signature. Submit to ATF after paying for the machinegun, wait about 3 months for approval.

Machineguns MUST be pre-may 1986 Mfg to be transferrable. New SBR/SBS or silencers no problem.
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