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    Am interested in building and SBR and suppressing it. I don't know where to start or if I should get a lawyer or a do it myself living trust. How much is all the stuff and how long do I have to wait?

    I already know what I want and know where to get it and who's going put it together, I just don't know the legal and ATF parts well.
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    You will first need to file with the ATF for having an SBR. There will be a Tax for making the rifle and SBR and another Tax for a Suppressor. (two separate tax documents) Once an SBR always an SBR! Also to buy the suppressor you will need to locate a Class III Dealer for that purchase. The waiting time depends of the ATF. You know how the Government operates but recently it has not been that long. Regarding the trust I would contact an attorney or speak with one of the guys here that is a Class III. They can advise about passing it on or not.


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    Thanks. I know I can pass the background check, I just don't about the living trust part. I've heard rumors that I could do it myself, but I've also heard that people get rejected when they do it themselves.
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    There are a couple of ways to do a build. You can build it yourself if you have the skills using a Form 1. First, you fill it out and send it with the 200 tax stamp. Then you wait and wait and wait and when you get it back approved, you build what you want.Then you engrave it and its all good.

    The other way is to contact an 07/02 FFL and have them build it. You just give them the gun, tell them what you want and they do it all. Then, you fill out the Form 4, pay the Tax, and wait and wait and wait and when it comes back approved, they give you your gun back with the Form 4.

    If you want it SBR'ed and integrally suppressed, it'll be a two stamp for the SBR and one for the suppressor, for a total of 400 bucks for the two stamps, plus whatever you spend having it done.
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    Sniper03 is incorrect about once an SBR always an SBR:

    Q: Does the installation of a barrel over 16 inches in length (SBR) or 18 inches in length (SBS) remove the firearm from the purview of the NFA? If so, is this considered a permanent change?

    A. Installation of a barrel greater than 16 inches in length (SBR) or 18 inches in length (SBS) will remove the firearm from the purview of the NFA provided the registrant does not maintain control over the parts necessary to reconfigure the firearm as a SBR or SBS.

    Q: Is it necessary to send notification to ATF and receive acknowledgement that the SBR or SBS has been removed from the purview of the NFA before it may be sold as a GCA firearm?

    A. There is no requirement for the possessor of a registered NFA firearm to notify ATF that the firearm has been removed from the purview of the NFA. However, ATF recommends the possessor notify the NFA Branch of such changes in writing so that the possessor is not mistakenly identified as the owner if the firearm is later used in a crime. If, at the time of transfer, the firearm does not meet the definition of a SBR, it should be transferred without filing the NFA transfer application and without payment of the transfer tax.

    Q: If I remove the short barrel from my SBR or SBS, may I move the firearm across state lines without the submission of ATF Form 5320.20, Application to Transport or to Temporarily Export Certain Firearms?

    A. If the registrant retains control over the parts required to assemble the SBR or SBS, the firearm is still be subject to all requirements of the NFA. ATF recommends contacting law enforcement officials in the destination state to ensure compliance with state and local law.

    These are Q&A's off the ATF website.

    It is once a machinegun always a machinegun.