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    What costs are involved in obtaining a Class 3?
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    Fees for the services of a class III dealer will vary from shop to shop. The big kicker (aside from the cost of a transferable MG) is the $200 tax stamp.

  3. LEO

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    Correct... If you buy from out of state... you will need to pay for the weapon, shipping, and for your local Class III dealer to accept it into his inventory. The local dealer price will vary. Mine did it for free but normally charges $200 for his time.

    If the weapon is on a Form 3 there is no extra fee for seller to transfer it to your dealer while processing the ATF paperwork.

    If the weapon is on a Form 4... there is a $200 fee to transfer the weapon to your local dealer. You will have to pay that too.
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    Yes, the price can get up there quick. Normally Form 4 from outa state coming from individuals you have the 200 tax stamp to get it to the transferring dealer, plus ship/insured cost. Then the dealer has to transfer it back out to individual you have another 200 tax stamp plus transfer fees, which as stated above can vary, mostly run in the 100 dollar range, but they do vary. That is why if you are getting something from an individual from out of state on a Form4 you need to make sure who is going to front the first 200 tax stamp transfer fee.

    A NFA list on a Form 4, an individual can only tranfer it to another individual in there state or to a dealer out of state. Either way there is a 200 tax stamp involved. And not to mention the wait & wait & wait, for things to get do. You must be a patient person when dealing with NFA items. We have had some dealer to dealer transfer back the same week they were faxed in and some of our Form 4 transfers have come back in as little as 3 weeks. But that is rare.
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    My dealer has a ton on a Form 3 so there is no cost to transfer out of state dealers. You have to pay your guy to receive it $70-$200 maybe... and they pay $200 to the ATF for the transfer tax.

    My process was very fast from seller to my hands.

    04/09/07 Made Commitment To Buy
    04/12/07 Down Payment Sent
    04/13/07 Down Payment Received
    04/19/07 Final Payment Sent
    04/20/07 Final Payment Received
    04/27/07 Transfer Request Paperwork Faxed to ATF
    05/14/07 ATF Approval Received and Weapon Shipped
    05/15/07 Weapon Delivered Locally
    05/19/07 ATF Tax Payment and Paperwork Mailed
    05/20/07 Paperwork Received by ATF
    06/05/07 ATF Approved Form
    06/14/07 ATF Approved Form Received in Mail
    06/19/07 Took Possession!!!

    78 Days From Commitment to In Hands.
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    So the dealer has to get approval from the ATF to sell to you?

    Do they do a background check or such?
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    Yes and then you fill out a 4473 at pickup also

    Later Joe
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    The dealer I purchased it from had to verify with the ATF that it was OK to ship it to my local dealer.

    These two guys have shipped to each other for years but the ATF wants the shipper to make sure the receiver has not been blacklisted for some reason.