City Ordinance: Spay Neuter Your Animal

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by markerdown, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. markerdown

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    Now this is going a bit too far!

    I have 2 birddogs. The city says I have to snip the goods on both of them to prevent un-wanted breeding.. I told aminal control to take a hike. I'm a responsible owner, my dogs are pure breds, don't run loose, have their own health plan, have city licenses, and field titles.

    Spay and neutering is fine for a lap dog, but a hunting dog needs the hormones to develop muscle mass, joints, cartlidge, organs, and bone growth. This is a minimum of 24 months of age. I didn't plan on breeding anyway but for the city to tell me I need to have this done asap or be fined or animals confiscated is horse hockey!

    I called my councilman and suggested the city start to spay and neuter every welfare recipient and all their kids to prevent prolific breeding and a waste of my tax payer dollars. Plus, this blight on society are the ones without licensed animals, are irresponsible owners, don't have their animals current with immunizations and are the main cause of animals in the shelter.

    I wound up having to get a hobby breeder permit even though I'm not a breeder...........................:mad:.................markerdown
  2. mrm14

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    How much that Hobby Breeder Permit cost?

  3. orangello

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    It is sad that the irresponsibility of our fellow citizens (+ illegal aliens) has led to such a law. I would be very unhappy in your place. I hope such laws will eventually lead to their promised results, fewer strays and such, but i'm not holding my breath.

    I have heard far too many of my friends talk about land owner warnings to shoot any uncollared dogs in the hunting area. Some people shouldn't own dogs.
  4. CA357

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    Yeah, it's bureaucratic, one size fits all crap. :mad:
  5. markerdown

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    Yeah, any animal 4 months old, has to be spay/neutered or you get a $1K fine or 6 months inthe county jail. The permit I got cost me $50, then to renew the dog liscenses was another $25 per dog. One guy called it a hobby breeder permit, the other a "pet fancier permit". I called it a freakin rip-off.

    I still couldn't see in writing where it says they get to keep their privates.
    Just as long as the city milked another honest tax payer for the cash is what this is all about. The inner city trash or the illegals don't give a crap and just get another dog at the swap meet for $10. :mad:.............markerdown
  6. bkt

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    Suggest to the city councilman that he lead by example and snip himself.
  7. Bigcountry02

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    Albuquerque does the same for dogs in the city limits! Charge to renew standard dog license is $6.00 per animal. Albuquerque limits animals to 4 dogs and 2 cats per household. Rio Rancho has a 5 dog limit! The renewal for the breeder's permit is the same $150.00 per year.

    Intact Companion Animal Permit (ICAP)
    Annual permitting for a dog or cat over the age of six months that has not been neutered or spayed.
    $150.00/per animal/year

    Litter permit
    Permit, good for six months from date of issue, that must be obtained within one week after the birth of the litter. A Household is limited to no more than four Litter Permits in any consecutive 12 month period and no more than one Litter Permit per female Companion Animal in any consecutive 12 month period.

    And the different type of charges goes on and on!

    Damn Revenue, pocket pickers!
  8. gregs887

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    Oh please tell me you actually did this. Man, the look on their face would be priceless.:D
  9. Gojubrian

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    That's a bunch of frickin horsepuckey!!! :mad:
  10. orangello

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    I bleve i see a similarity to gun control laws there. Irresponsiblity of the few screws the responsible owners out of their freedoms through the law.
  11. markerdown

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    Hell yes I told him this in much more explicit terms. He probably has me tagged as a radical citizen. What else is new :).............markerdown
  12. WDB

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    The I use to I live in charged an extra $20 a year per dog if you want him to keep his junk. The best part is the issue a different colored tag for nutless dog (blue) and nut packing dogs (red). It was great when walking my Lab, he proudly wearing his blue tag (and his nuts) and seeing most with red tags. I don't plan on breading my dog but I figure as long as I'm a responsible dog owner and don't let him run the streets he should be able to keep his junk. My Rot was spayed when I got her otherwise I would have keep looking for a male.

    Where we live now there is no additional cost for letting my dog keep his junk.