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    I'd like to give a very belated 100+ rating to Mr. Marty Overstreet and his company Circle bar-t.

    Three years ago, after many months of fruitless searching for that "perfect" sling for my Ruger M77, I came upon his web site. I was floored!

    He produces some of the most beautiful holsters, slings, gunbelts, rifle cases, and other products I've seen.

    While he does do some commercial work, if you contract with him you will absolutely get a one of a kind piece. He does not just produce the same thing over and over.

    One thing I liked. When I first called him, we talked for about an hour. He later intimated that this was to get a feel for me as the customer and wether he would take the job. Don't be put off by this, I can understand his pov. He's a busy man and I guess he tries to keep his business focus.

    Before we finalized the deal he told me that it would be about 4 months untill I received my sling. No problem for me
    I received in about 3 1/2 months.

    It was worth the wait!

    Marty also added a few extras at no charge-a thumb strap, upgraded brass hardware, and a couple of other items.

    His updated web site is:

    Oh, by the way, if you go to the gallery and "rifle slings", the photo is the one he made for me! Oak leaf and acorns.

    Check Marty out. Even if it's just to see some amazing work.
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