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    For those of you who may be interested in single action weapons; Just a word of caution for any of you that are considering purchasing any products from Cimarron Arms. I just want to tell you that I purchased a new, matching set of sixguns that came from this company several years ago, and after many efforts and frustration over the past couple of years, I've given up. I had several issues with these guns, from double stamped serial numbers and mis matched base pin to white pearlite grips that turned yellow in just a few short years. They have not made good on any of it. They won't even contact you to tell you they can't do anything about it. Also, one of the reasons I purchased these guns was sort of as a collectors item. I doubt they are worth half of what I paid for them. Get your products from anyone but them!
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    Thanks for the heads up

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    Anytime I've dealt with them through the years , they have been great. Have ordered many revolvers from them as a dealer over the years (and a few for me) without any problems.

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    I've never heard of any problems regarding the Cimarron. My friend was a dealer for many years until fairly recently and dealt with the company. I even hesitantly purchased their Colt Bisley Flat Top Target 44-40 over 10 years ago and like it better than currently mgf Colts. I collect originals and this is my only spaghetti western copy, but it's finish, smooth action and accuracy impresses the hell out of me. I'm even thinking of getting one of their open top models like a friend of mine has. Is it possible that people have had problems when dealing with Cimarron? Of course it is and no company will ever be perfect and that goes for customers as well. Any gun can develop problems for various reasons, but I just never had a problem with mine and don't know anyone who has. I guess buying a gun is like buying a car and you just gotta be lucky.
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    Well I'll tell you Jim, they have done nothing for me.
    1.One of the base pins on one of the guns was shorter, and as you know this acts as the safety. They said they couldn't get a stainless to replace it, but they could send a blued one, but I had to pay for it.
    2.The serial number on one of the cylinders was mis struck. They said that Uberti wouldn't do anything for them.
    3. The Pearlite grips were touted as the whitest grips ever, but they turned yellow. I paid 2 hundred dollars each for those grips, and so they would give me 40% off on a new set.
    Maybe they are ok with inconsequential things, but when it comes to solving real problems they are TERRIBLE!