Cia .30-06?

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    Wasnt sure if this would be better in the C&R section or the ammo section, so move if necessary...

    I bought a some old military stuff at a yard sale this weekend, and bunch of it was some military .30-06.. Most was 1952 Lake City, but there was a half bandoleer of this .30-06 on 1903 clips with a strange headstamp.. It didnt look anything like any '06 ones ive seen before, more like a Mauser headstamp.. It has a "date" of 1940 (you'll understand the "", shortly..) Turns out it was made for the CIA for use in "Covert Operations"..

    So, I decided to a little research... A quick google got me this:

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    Looks like a great find Trez.. when ya get around to burning through a couple rounds,let us know how it groups?
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