chronograph results for 1858 remmington

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    I was trying out some 38 special loads through my chrony and for the heck of it I fired 6 rounds out of my uberti 1858 remmy through it and here are the results.
    1st round 925fps
    2nd 1038fps
    3rd 995fps
    4th 928fps
    5th 979fps
    6th 926fps

    I was using 35 grains of fffg black powder ,corn meal for a filler ,round ball and crisco to prevent a chain fire. I was surprised by these results I was expecting around 800 fps. I was shooting from 25 yards at a pistol target and all shots were in about a 5 inch grouping. Have any of you guys ever bothered to use a chrony with your bp pistols just curious.