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    I hope i am in the proper thread!
    I have an oehler research model 12, probably older than i am. HOPEFULLY THE PIC SHOWS UP!! I have the velocity table charts for 5' and 10' spacing, so good to go there. The last time i used this i was 10, so i dont remember how to use the dial to get the 4 digits i need to transfer into my fps. For each of the 4 digits there is a 4,2 and a 1 , and the meter reads no and yes, so i assume that if it is a yes you would count that number and if a no then dont, ie, 4 yes 2 yes 1 no = 6 and so on.
    So, does anyone have any input for me?

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    Oehler Research, Inc.
    P.O. Box 9135
    Austin, Texas 78766
    (512) 327-6900 | FAX (512) 327-6903
    Toll Free (800) 531-5125

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    Gotcha, thanks!