Chronograph Input.

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    I would like to get some real feed back on the loads I am creating. currently I am loading 9mm, 40 cal. and .45. I would like to get some feedback that will allow me to creat the most consistant load possible. I am thinking a chronograph will help me with achieving the consistant FPS.

    I also have a 7mm Rem Mag. that I will eventually like to do the same with but to be honest I am thinking one step at a time. asside from that it just hurts to shoot the damn thing!

    any feed back you all can give would be much appreciated, if you think I am barking up the wrong tree please let me know, if you have a chrono. that you would reccomend that would be great as well.
  2. rjd3282

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    Always a good idea to chrony your loads and chronographs are cheap.

  3. cpttango30

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    How OCD are you?

    If you have any kind of OCD I would not.

    here is why.

    I am not very ocd there are things. Like loading I do the exact same way every time no matter what. This sure adds another level of depth to your reloading. It also adds a lot of what if's to your loading.

    It sure will give you a lot of data to look at sort through and ponder over. I am not saying any of this to turn you away from a chrono it is a valuable tool in reloading.

    I have a shooting chrony F1 they are about $85. If I had it to do over again I would go with a CED or PACT myself.
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    Pact is really good easy to use. I use one from time to time to confirm velocity is inline with the manual. Knowing your bullet speed allows you to estimate drop for a given range when shooting long distance to get on paper faster.

    As for the 7mm get a limbsaver recoil pad they realy work well.
  5. masterPsmith

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    A chronograph is a great tool for the re-loader and especially a long range rifle shooter who must know the velocity of his loads. I use one all the time when working up pistol and rifle loads. To me, it's an indespensible tool..

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    I'm really pleased with the Crony brand. I got the one with the removable FPS read out that mounts on the bench and has the printer that prints out all the info you woill ever need.
    The tape for the printer gets stapled to the target for looking at the stats at a later time. For under $200., it's money well spent.
    You can even use them with your pellet rifle or pistol. It not only lets you know which pellet shoots the most consistant speed, but also tells you when your pellet rifle can use a tune up.
    A crono, with the target is a huge help in making the best handloads and for figuring long range bullet drop, they are essential.
    With the price as low as the new one's are and how vey accurate they are, they should be a part of every serious shooters box of accessories. The crono can be used with an AC adapter or batteries. Battery life is good, but always take spare batteries with you. You will not need the spare batteries unless you don't have spares with you.

    John K
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    I agree with the previous post. A chrony is a must for the serious
    reloader. Today I was checking a .380acp load that I was puttng together. It is a 95gr lead bullet that I haven't ever used. It functioned through the pistol fine and clocked at 900 fps avg.. The velocity was about what I expected from the 3.25in barrel. The check assured me that the load was safe. The load proved to be accurate and now I'll call recipie
    a keeper. Now I pay around $8 per 50 loaded rounds and can enjoy plinking away with a favorite 380 pistol and keep my financial empire afloat.CD
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    Those who shoot long range, hunting or target, the only way to know the exact bullet drop is if you know exactly how fast your rounds are exiting the rifle, not an inflated FPS print out from factory ammo boxes or even from the reloading manuels.
    If you know the exact FPS, something as cheap as the Lee ballistic calculator for $15.00 for the computer disc will figure the bullet drop out for you in seconds. No wouded game, no missed targets or wasted ammo trying to get on target at long range and usually, the ammo with the least deviation will be the most accurate load. No always, but it points you in the right direction and will save a lot of wasted loads when working up a load for different rifles, bullet weights and load amounts and powders.
    I don't know how I ever got along without mine.

    John K
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    Chronograph Input

    I have been reloading for twenty years now and during most of that time I did not use a chrony. Then I finally broke down and bought a PACT Chrony. I found that my loads were not as consistent as I thought. With the chrony information I was able to fine tune my loads. I now double weigh my loads using a balance scale and a digital one, once they match in weight I dump the charge into the case. I now am able to realize only a 6 fps deviation in my loads. Yes get a Chrony it will give you the data that will make you a better reloader. I don't use a chrony for my handgun loads only because I'm not that great of a shooter! But for long range rifle shooting it's worth the investment.
  10. RMP1394-RLTW

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    Thank you gentlemen, I realize this is a very old thread and I never thanked you all for the first influx of replies.

    I have not gotten one yet but as funds become available it is very high on the list. All of the feedback will greatly aid in my selection.

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    Mine too, Will be looking to a CED or Pact, Thank You guys!