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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by AusLach, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. AusLach

    AusLach Active Member

    Anyone else started on their Christmas shopping yet? I've worked out a few gifts already, I'm getting my mum a nice necklace, my brothers (who turned 18 this year) engaved hip flasks and I'm also paying for the first year of their firearm licences, and for my dad I'm waiting on a reply from Australian Customs on the legality of importing one of Randy's knives.

    The present I'm getting my girlfriend does not belong in the Club House :D;):p

    What gifts are you guys planning on giving??
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  2. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 Coffee! If your not shaking, you need another cup Supporter

    The wife thnigs I only purchased 1 blackpowder pistol, I ordered a second for her to shoot! There are other gifts in the planning mode, necklace and earrings.

    The anniversary is a paintings of Venice, price was very good!

    I get the 3 frontal assaults:

    1. Wife's Birthday
    2. Wedding Anniversary
    3. Christmas
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  3. AusLach

    AusLach Active Member

    Ha that's great Big, It'd be nice to be able to give her the gift but still be able to use it yourself! Does your missus shoot much? Mine won't hunt or shoot the centrefires, she definitely comes with me to sight in the .17 but, she's a mean shot too...

    I'm exactly the same on the three fronts, except I'm not quite at the stage of wedding anniversary yet; just when we started dating.. At least we don't have to worry about gifts for the rest of the year :D
  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    I give the kids money (not always the right size, but it is always the right color) One grandson collects knives- have a couple I have picked up for him over the summer. Other grandson (the lefty) gets an older Remington 241- ejects out the bottom. Granddaughter (anarchist in training) gets her adictions fed- couple of bricks of 22 ammo, gift card for Barnes and Noble bookstore, trip to the range (she is going to get a 20 g for her birthday this year, and an intro to clay pigeons)

    For my lady? Simple. Jewelry. And if any of you has a lady that complains about your buying guns, you are not buying enuff jewelry.
  5. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    no clue what to get the wife. prolly something for her horse.
  6. CA357

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    We won't be exchanging gifts this year. We rarely do. If one of us wants something and it's in the budget, we buy it. I know it's not festive, but it sure saves a lot of headaches and no Christmas shopping madness.


    To prove I'm a sensitive guy, I'm buying my buddy a Vaughn rigging axe since his was lost somewhere. :D
  7. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 Coffee! If your not shaking, you need another cup Supporter

    Yep! When range time, pending the house dutii go to the and other necessary tasks have been completed. She fires alot, only when

    I have witness the poor destruction of a target by her shooting the 357 S&W, I have witness the usage of over 300 plus rounds from the S&W. I picked up a Ruger Charger .22LR, after adding a scope and range time, she got a chance to fire and I am only allowed to clean it (nothing else :().

    I got my anniversary present early - It is a one year membership at the local range!
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  8. zhuk

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    Aw that's a shame! You should try and steer her into trying something in .223 at least...just tell her it has a 'satisfying amount of recoil' :p

    Don't really get into the gift-giving thing much myself. No partner, and my mother only ever asks for "peace and quiet"...though I do usually end up getting her something, against the inevitable protestations heh.
  9. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    I found it! Just use the money to get me something else. I don't need two axes.
  10. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    I am done with the purchase of a few minor things. Small Christmas in the tango house. I got the family a Black Wii and a bunch of games.
  11. AcidFlashGordon

    AcidFlashGordon New Member

    I have none to do. My Mom is gone and my Dad's mental state is such that he's not always "there." Alzheimer's does terrible things to ones' mind. My other relatives are scattered all over the U.S. and I've not had contact with most of them for 10 or more years. So this year, the 5 days off I have in conjunction with Christmas will be spent being a reclusive vegetable in my apartment.

    I haven't cared much for holidays for the last 15 or so years so one day, to me, is no different than the rest.
  12. CGO

    CGO New Member

    This year I'm sending money to the grandkids and that's it. Last time I sent box's to CA through the mail they were late and messed up by the time they got there. I sent them off in the middle of Nov. I was :mad:.
  13. Dzscubie

    Dzscubie New Member



    I get the same hit each year also... Wife's Birthday on the 9th, Christmas on the 25th and our Wedding Anniversary on the 30th. The married Trifecta.

  14. zhuk

    zhuk New Member


    Feel for ya, flash. My dad had Alzheimers too and it's an awful disease, particularly in its latter stages.
  15. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Haven't started, haven't a clue ( like that's new)!! I'll probably get everything before heading to California!! No sales tax here!
  16. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    AFG, I hated the holidays, too, for many years. My Mom died in late November in 1994 and I just trudged along for the sake of the kids after that. Now I have a grandchild and the holidays have new meaning for me.
    But it wouldn't bother me one bit to sit alone on any holiday. This past Thanksgiving I had nothing to do as the kids went to their dad's for Thanksgiviing (I've been divorced for 17 years). Didn't bother me one bit.
  17. freefall

    freefall New Member

    Everybody I know either needs nothing or $50,000. I don't have the 50k but got lots of nothing. The Lovely Mrs just said "Let's get no Christmas presents this year". I'll probably get her some .45 ammo.
  18. theferg2000

    theferg2000 New Member

    Well i guess i am the odd one out in this thread too. We finished up our shopping before Thanksgiving. It is the earliest we have ever gotten it knocked out. I have two little ones, an almost 3 year old little girl, and a 7 year old boy. They are at a fun age for Christmas. My wife an i agreed not to get each other anything... but i lied and already broke my promise! So I am ALL DONE!!!!
  19. jetgirl

    jetgirl New Member

    I bought this for my daughter:


    But then I decided that it was too pretty...(I LOVE the case hardening),
    so I'm keeping it for myself. :p

    Don't worry...
    I bought this for her instead;

  20. big_bad_kitty

    big_bad_kitty Member

    Got 13 year old grandson a 410 with wood carving done by a personal friend of 30 + years! He will remember it always. Got one granddaughter (she is 6) a Red Ryder Daisy BB gun and still have two more left! I am sure I will find something they can shoot before I quit!! Went to Wally World on the way home yesterday and got the BB gun, couple of boxes 410 shells, another shotgun and a gallon of milk. Went home with it all after about 15 minutes. God I love Texas and the US of A. We are fortunate to be here and exercise the privileges of citizenship in the greatest country in the world!!! JMHO!!