Christmas gifts

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by thesoulution22, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. thesoulution22

    thesoulution22 New Member

    Did you guys get any fun gifts this year? Post pics of what you got ( if you got anything)


    Mossberg 500
  2. Hunterdan

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    Got a Nikon scope and base for my ruger super blackhawk. Anxious to get to the range to sight it in. First need to get some loc-tite for the screws.



  3. Daoust_Nat

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    My daughter ordered a magazine for my Shield for me from Smith & Wesson. It is on back order. No idea when I will get it.
  4. c3shooter

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    Well, my grandkids have just about got me figured out. Got a neat book (no joke!) Title is "Absinthe & Flamethrowers- Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously".

    And this year I got to GIVE some nifty presents!

    My shooting companion, the Anarchist-in-Training (16 yr old granddaughter) wanted a bow. Found her a nice beginner's compound bow in Candy Apple Red- her favorite color.

    Her Mom got a crossbow and a Daisy Red Ryder- in pink!

    But the best was my son-in-law elect- her fiancé. He is a Lt with the Sheriff's Dept- big boy- 6'6"- and I made him cry. No, really.

    About 3 weeks ago during the Saturday night poker game and Liar's Contest, he was telling me about a shotgun his Dad had- how much he had loved that shotgun (which had been stolen) and how he had never seen another one like it- magazine fed bolt action 20 g, with an external choke. The plastic trigger guard had finger grooves in it.

    I realized he was describing a Mossberg- probably a Model 185- and I had one sitting in the back of a safe. Metal about 95%, wood about 95%, but the finish had died on the wood. Stripped the stock with Formby's, refinished with Tung oil.

    Christmas day, he opened a small heavy package- 20 g birdshot. When he looked at it, said "I don't have a 20 g- mine is a 12 g. " Said "Oh- right- open the closet behind you." Mossberg sitting there with a big tag on the trigger guard with his name on it.

    :D:D:D Yep- Mossberg 185! Love it when that happens. Now I just have to go tape my ribs- 6'6" cops can hug really hard!
  5. CA357

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    That's awesome c3, well done.

    As far as a Christmas gift for us, we're living in it. :)
  6. orangello

    orangello New Member

    My nephew had tipped me off that my dear sweet Mother was planning to give me a double-stack Bersa for Christmas. She got pretty close to the one i've been lusting after. I've been lusting after another Bersa Thunder .380 since mine went to my sister to replace her tiny, partially caramel-coated .25acp. Well, i opened a box Christmas morning to see a two-tone (flat nickel slide over black frame) Bersa Thunder 9 ultra compact pro with a pair of mags. It holds thirteen rounds of 9x19mm; with the wider choices in ammo types, i think it is a better package for carry. It's a bit bigger than its .380 sibling, but i think i could still pack it under my love luggage (considering a carry permit). I was very happy. I may pick up something tiny for summer carry, maybe a cw9.

    It did have a scuff on the top of the slide that is significant enough for me to take it back for a swap-out. It came from typically over-priced Gander Mountain, so i don't feel the least bit bad about complaining about a scuff that doesn't affect function. Anybody done a firearms return/exchange at Gander lately?