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choosing a sidearm

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I am going to get my CCDW permit this spring and im not sure which pistol i
want to use for carrying. I want either a taurus (times are tough and colt is too dang high)1911, or a Beretta .40 I have shot both and love both. I am just looking for a little guidance here.
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outlaw4life09 said:
I am going to get my CCDW permit this spring and im not sure which pistol i !want to use for carrying. I want either a taurus (times are tough and colt is too dang high)1911, or a Beretta .40 I have shot both and love both. I am just looking for a little guidance here.
The choice is up to you to make on your own. Get something you fill comfortable with. And something you have consistent accuracy with. I can say I don't care Taurus much. They are crap in my opinion. Bit that's just me. I have seen one brand new with a twisted barrel. But I'm sure not all of them are bad. Plus like I said that's just my opinion.

I do recommend you get something that is not to big. I dont know what anybody says. "I'm a big guy so I can carry my big hand cannon with no problem" I can tell you from experience. I bought in to this. I got a XD .45 sm for CC. I thought "hey I'm 6'2" 220 I can hide that very well. I was right I can hide it good but it is about as comfortable as sleeping on a dog house. And it with 2 extra mags fills like carrying a ruck sack in Nam.
Lbwar15 is right the decision is entirely up to you.If it was me picking the ccw I would pick the thinest, largest calibre,largest capacity,felt most comfortable and pointed most naturally in my hand firearm that I could find.Know that the larger the pistol the more it will print and the more uncomfortable it will be to carry.The smaller the pistol the less capacity you have.In the end it's all you're choice.I suggest trying out a few different options carrying the way you intend to carry and try to figure if you'd be comfortable with it for about 10-14 hrs.
Rock Island makes a decent 1911. RIA is comparable to Taurus in pricing. I would check out a Rock Island Armory 1911 before I committed to a Taurus. The officers model is designed for concealed carry. It takes a big man to conceal a milspec 1911.
Taurus made the worst and only gun I have ever sold off right away. A Taurus semi auto. It did everything a semi auto should not do. It failed to feed, failed to fire, stove-piped - failed to eject, and ejected back into the shooter's face.
This with three different shooters operating the the gun. One refused to shoot it anymore - after three firing.
Truly a disaster of a gun - and it was brand new - in 2012.

Others have other complaints with Taurus semi-autos, I understand.

Just my experience - what ever it may be worth.

I will not own a Taurus semi-auto...
Smith and Wesson M&P. American made. Lifetime warranty. Nuff said.
I have a taurus revolver that is very good IMO. I used to have a Taurus 1911 with the rail but the only reason I sold it is because the dimentions of the rail made finding a quality holster all but impossible. It was a very reliable gun though, I only ever had one fte on a very weak handload so i will take the credit for that. I bought my dad the PT 1911 AL for his birthday and that gun is very nice. It has the aluminum frame so it is light (for a 1911) and like mine, will shoot and cycle any ammo that you can dream of putting through it. If i was going to carry a taurus 1911, that would be the one. You will get lots of taurus bashers online and i am sure there are bad guns out there, but from my experience, their 1911's and older wheel guns are well built. This is coming from a self proclaimed s&w fanboy. The only handgun I own at the moment that is not a smith is that old taurus revolver and i don't think i will ever get rid of it.
Finding the right CC is always a compromise. I have 3 for different conditions. It's like buying footwear. You don't wear spitshined shoes to hunt, you don't wear hunting boots to the beach. You get the picture.

If price is a concern look into pre-owned guns. And like others here I don't recommend Taurus semi-autos although some of their revolver models like the 65 are well-made and dependable.
Check out the Bersa Thunder9 UltraCompact Pro in 9mm. It is my CCW and awesome quality arcs reasonable price. Capacity 13+1.
Check out the Bersa BP9CC their new polymer subcompact in 9mm and also reasinsy priced. Capacity 8+1. That will be a future purchase for me and its getting five star reviews too just like my Thunder.
A CCW should be concealable. Take a look at the SIG P239
I personally carry what I can conceal, and that changes from one day to the next depending on what I am wearing. I have 3 guns that I cycle through from day to day. A Sig.45, a Sig 9mm, and a Bersa .380
Also, keep in mind that the pistol that you will carry may aslo be taken from you if you every had to use it (and hopefully that will never happen), but be prepared to never see it again once LE has it in evidence. It could be there for a long time and ultimately lost. I carry a Kel Tec PF9 which cost me $275 out the door, so I wont mind losing it if I had too.
CCW decisions amount to a delicate balance between the level of performance expected, the level of concealability/comfort required, and your budget. It's really just that simple. That's why many of us have multiple options, and it's why our solution won't necessarily solve your quandry.

A government 1911 or Beretta 96 can be a fine gun. I wouldn't choose either for CC, but wouldn't have a problem with either as a home or vehicle defense option. I usually carry a tiny SA XDs45...because it's a good gun that's convenient enough (for me) to bring along.

Thanx for the help guys, i will check out RIA for a 1911, do they make commander models?
Actually, my understanding is that Taurus' 1911 is their finest made handgun. Quality parts, not bargain bin pieces, and a decent price tag. Higher quality than that of RIA. I still wouldn't turn my nose up at an RIA or American Classic. There's some good stuff and bad coming out of the Phillipines.
I am in no way an authority on carrying handguns concealed. I do, however, believe that one should carry the lightest most comfortable pistol that he can shoot well. You might (and I hope so) never use a gun in defense of yourself or others. But since you'll always be carrying one, don't make it a burden.

BTW, my pistol is a Kel Tec P-32.
Either one of your choices are fine for the Winter months. Come Summer you may want a smaller option with what you will be wearing then. There are so many good options. You are just getting started.
Thanx for the help guys, i will check out RIA for a 1911, do they make commander models?
I'm pretty sure they do. I've never owned or shot a 1911 (I know, I'm bad!:eek:) but I'm really looking at a RIA for my first one.
RIA makes a compact model. Not a true Commander. It has a shorter grip and barrel than a Commander. Gets good reviews though.
Im in the same boat. I carry full size everyday and it does not bother me one bit. And im looking at getting a 1911 for my new carry weapon, just need the funds now. I will have it in a month or so.
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