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    Saw a couple of posts this morning that bothered me - but a little digression first. Every gun owner, especially those that have chosen to own a gun for personal defense, has an obligation to represent our "community" properly. If you don't think the Brady's and other anti-gun organizations peruse forums such as this - you are very naive. If you post something inflammatory or poorly phrased you cast a shadow over all of us.

    I'll provide just a single example of what I'm getting at and hopefully it will make sense. You are sleeping in your home and your front door is kicked in and someone enters your home. Choose how you describe your actions from the following two statements:

    1. I'm going to grab my gun and kill the intruder for violating my home.

    2. I'm going to do what's necessary to eliminate the threat.

    If you choose to engage with your firearm choose one of the following two statements:

    1. I'm going to shoot to kill.

    2. I'm going to shoot to stop the threat.

    Yes, it's semantics but it's very important that we represent ourselves as cool rational people that consider using a firearm as a last resort. We must show we bear this responsibility very seriously and understand the gravity of using a firearm. I'll be honest when I say I bristle when I see someone use the phrase "shoot to kill" as it just looks uncivilized and crude.

    Just something for y'all to think about. We are all front-line ambassadors of the firearms community and we need the support - not the contempt of folks that don't necessarily believe as we do...
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    Good points well taken! I will watch my semantics. :D

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    +1 Dave, although I would have said;

    "I shoot to live."


    "If innocent life doesn't immediately depend on it, don't shoot. And if it does, don't miss!"
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    Good points NGIB!
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    Sometimes in trying to get our point across, other unsaid things hitch a ride.

    Please be careful in what you say.

    Good post Dave!
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    Good post! It is important for us to remember to watch what we say, even though sometimes we say things in a joking manner it can be misunderstood and taken serious. Its kinda sad we have to watch ourselves and we can't joke as much, but its the way it is and saving a life or taking a life is nothing to joke about. Thanks for reminding us of our duties.:D
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    I like humor as much as the next person, but guns and using them are a very serious business. We just need to remember that it's real easy for things we say to be misconstrued and taken out of context. I don't consider this being "politically correct", more like "mature & responsible"...
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    Sigg'd the latter. You should have to repeat that a thousand times in order to get a CPL.
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    Very good. Someone make this a sticky.
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    Man, if they wake me up at 3 in the morning AND kick down my door,

    they will be lucky if I go after them with a gun.

    I'll probably just beat them to death with what's left of my door.

    I've got enough home repair problems without having to babysit

    fools who have nothing better to do than break off my stuff and

    wake me up at three in the morning. I've got a wicked temper when

    I don't get my sleep.

    Choose any 23 of those words you like.
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    The point about making a joke is a very good one. I have learned never to joke with anyone unless I know them very well. Especially, never try to joke across a language barrier, a dialect barrier nor a cultural barrier. In a stand off situation, speak slowly, simply and plainly and ask the other party if they understand. This has stood me well in a number of countries in a number of situations.
  13. bgeddes

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    Great post and great points.

    Here's something else to consider:

    In the event, God forbid, that you do have to defend yourself and your family from persons wanting to harm you, and you use deadly force, you can bet your backside some down-on-his-luck ambulance chasing lawyer will use your words, on this site and others, to create even more chaos in your life.

    Joke or not, your words will be quoted and you could be conceived as a person with a desire and propensity for gun violence. Many juries won't be able to understand the truth, and you and your family may suffer.

    Your words may bring the same issues for other board members and fellow firearms enthusiasts.
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    I never, ever wish to be in a position where I would have to shoot someone. My wishes don't really matter in real life, however, and should I be faced with an intruder in the middle of the night, I will do so if necessaryto protect my life or my family's lives. I hope I never have to aim my gun at another person, and if I do, I hope that bloodshed can be avoided. I did not get my CCW because I have a bloodlust, but because I don't want my blood to be spilled because I had no means of protecting myself.

    Just my long-time views on the subject.