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  1. Sig Sauer 1911 Tactical Operations

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  2. Sig Sauer 1911 Tactical Operations Carry

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  3. FNH FNP45 Tactical

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  1. michigan0626

    michigan0626 New Member

    Ive been thinkinng of getting a threaded pistol to eventually get a can for. I think I have come up with the three best possibilities. That is, the three best with out going the Dillinger route with the Nighthawk AAC. Here are my 3 possibilities that are about a third the Nighthawk.

    Sig Sauer Tactical Operations TB
    5.5" inch barrel, 8+1, ambi-safety, accessory rail

    Sig Sauer Tactical Operations TB Carry (not advertised)
    4.5 inch barrel (4.25" Commander slide), 8+1, ambi-safety, accessory rail

    FNH FNP45 Tactical
    5.3" inch barrel, 15+1, ambi-safety ambi-mag release ambi-slide stop, accessory rail, red dot panel

    These all have more pros than cons. Tac Ops is a 1911, but has external extractor. Does this really make a difference, if its funtional I dont care. Tac Ops Carry is a commander 1911, makes it easier to carry concealed, but 5" is king. FNP45 is 15+1, good for round count, bad if I want to cc. Plus its is all ambi which is a plus cuz im left handed. The red dotis a bonus for cool factor.

    So which one would you choose, and what was the pro that stood out that made you choose it.

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  2. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Blasphemy! Taking a pic of the FN on a Hi-point box.:mad:

    After handling the FN...I really like it. If there were any duty holsters available that accept the pistol w/ the light, I would buy the FN.

  3. Transman

    Transman New Member

    I have the FN tacticle with a DoctorMRD in black.A real joy to shoot.FN makes a holster for it but not to accomadate a light.