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    CCW Training West Central Ohio
    interested in CCW Training?

    Castle Defense Firearms Training LLC
    Jeffrey Adkins

    6646 Johnson Road
    North Lewisburg, 43060

    Location:*Training at West Mansfield Conservation Club*West Mansfield, Oh

    Dates & Times:*February 2, 2013* Generally 1st Saturday of each month (8am- 8pm)

    Website and/or other information:* Facebook Page
    NRA Certified Trainer (Ohio CCW 12 Hours)
    Basic Pistol
    Personal Protection in the Home
    LTC, Retired 29 Years US Army.
    Combat Veteran
    Iraq and Afghanistan
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    Hello neighbor! I live in Allen Township!

    What can you tell me about the conservation club? I didn't know about it till I saw your post, and I just looked it up. I see a big pond/small lake, I see baseball field, and what looks like trap/skeet range, is there an indoor pistol range inside the big building between the baseball field and what I assume is trap/skeet?

    I'm already a CCW holder, and also a veteran myself, so I'm not currently interested in classes right now, but wouldn't mind to learn more about a local shooting club if there is one. Right now my only options are going over to my parents house in Sunbury when the weather is nice, and going out to their backyard, or paying to use Blackwing when the weather is bad.

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    West Mansfield Conservation Club

    We collectively are trying to build the club. I joined last year. There is an outdoor range, a 12 acre lake (recently re-stocked). Bartt Elliot (with two t's) is Club President and is making improvements. The trap house is scheduled to be fixed this spring and a pistol range installed in the spring. It will have a cover. There is a Fish Fry the first weekend of every month. Come in for that if you wish, it is a great event. Website is below. If you have anyone you know who needs CCW, send them my way. Small classes and I am very patient. Thanks.

    Jeff Adkins