Chinese T-53

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    I bought a 1955 Chinese T-53 in the Spring and had no real range time with it until today. The T-53 is an exact copy of a Mosin Nagant Model M-1944. I picked this rifle up at a pawn shop for a song because I did not have a Chinese in my Mosin collection.

    I took this rifle to the range today and was very pleased with the way the old gal performed. The trigger was light and crisp, something nearly unheard of on a Mosin of any description. Grouping at 75 yards was acceptable, considering my lack of skills as a fine rifleman.

    This rifle was an older import from NAC, and was in dang good shape considering most of the T-53s I have seen. It has a nice bore with dark grooves that look like they were blued in a refurb. The blue has faded to look almost like a Parkerizing and the stock is not beat to hell.

    For $120.00 OT, these days, I would have been hard pressed to find a better deal.:D
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    beater sled gun

    My only Type 53 was bought (1992)as a $39 parts gun (busted stock missing small parts) was a all matching (dated 1955 as well), missing the end cap from the stock, stock had seriouse case of dry rot, metal cept for a couple handling marks was like new, I had all sorts of fun with that rifle, I traded it off when I swore off Mosins Cold Turkey........I relapsed 4 years later with a project Fin Mosin P-27 from Tomato stake to 'Lotta' the black dressed beauty(ATI stock)

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    Bought my little T53 in a local Gun&Pawn, as I too wanted something a bit different for my growing Mosin collection. Unfortunately, it had been "bubba'd", though a 'nice' bubba job. Beautiful reblue job, butt he stock was cut down - a shame as it's a darker wood that resembles walnut, and the muzzle was cut about an inch and the bayo lug cut from the front sight unit.
    I had wanted to restock it back to military standard, but it just wouldn't be quite 'right'. Maybe put it into an M38 stock one day.....

    But it is a very good shooter! I think, from reading of others like this, that some company did several like this as ersatz 'deer rifles'. My old Spanish M43 Airforce Model Mauser was part of such a group of 'professional bubba jobs'.