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    I just purchased a 9 mm Chinese broomhandle with detachable 10 & 20 round magazines. I want to purchase an additional 20 round mag, does anyone know who sells such an item?

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    Magazines for Chinese Broomhandle

    Chinese pistols as you know had a number of manufacturers...but the is a company in the UK called Worldwide Arms, they source militaria all over the place and mainly deal in antigue and odd bits of hard to find kit. I hate to tell you this but nearly all of their firearms which would be considered subject to UK firearms laws are deactivated.

    I know that they have had all manner of broomhandles including the Chinese and Astra variants in the past they may have magazines, it's worth a try and they will ship at a reasonable cost. I have had all sorts of stuff from them in the past, Lewis, Thompson drum mags etc.

    Tel: 0 11 44 1785 851515
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    Try gunshows in your area. I've seen Chinese Broomhandles at many local ones and there are a few dealers who only sell magazines. Tables full of any type you could want. Don't know about your area however....