Chinese Broomhandle Pistol Question

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    I saw a chinese broom handle C96 pistol today at the local store, brought in by a guy also selling about 8-9 military surplus type rifles.

    Manager at store noted it was 9mm (no red "9" on handle)

    No proof marks I could see, no import marks. On the right side were several chinse characters, on the left was a clear marking of a multipointed star enclosing a bow and arrow. I'm guessing this is some type of arsenal mark but I can't find any info on it on the net.

    Any ideas?


    Chinese Broomhandle mauser?

    Hello all


    I'm gonna shock some folks, but Broomhandle mausers are not an area I know a lot about? I have a Buddy that has a Nice one in 30 Mauser with the Shoulder stock and all and I have asked him about your Questions! First of all, a few Different Folks made and used the Broomhandle! Astra Made thier Copy (Completely different Inside), the Chinese made Bazzions of them! Some wee mauser Re-works, many were outright Copies in 9MM and 30 caliber as well! The lack of the mauser Works Stamps and Markings, leads us to think that it's a Changh Hi special copy! Not a lot wrong with that, but they did not always make a real good or valuable copy! If it could be had for a reasonable cost, under $400.00 lets say and gone over by a Smith, you might have a real run HONEST TO GOD Historical item! Still not worth what a German Mauser Broomhandle is worth, but if it shoots and It's fun, who cares? In the end, it's the old Buyer beware on stuff out of china! Steel Clear of many of the Chinese mauser rifles in 8MM as they are not safe to shoot, Yet folks like Century Arms still sell them? China has had a few issues with metalurgy? LOL Best to be careful and let your Consience and yout wallet be your guide? Many a time, being broke kept me from buying a turkey? LOL IN all seriousness, if your interested get it looked at, before ya plunk down the $!

    RON L

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    Broomhandle Mauser

    Seems the Broomhandle may be in 9x19mm (Luger) as it is not the original Mauser. 9mm, however, does chamber in most 7,63mm Mausers and I have even heard of some 9 mms being shot out of 7,63mm barrels without harm to shooter or gun. Do not, therefore, count on a live chambering test to determine caliber.

    Why not ask the seller to shoot a few 9mm rounds himself to prove his statement ? If not run a .356 diameter stick through the bore. If it fits you are on the right track. The 9mm Luger is the weakest 9mm cartridge the Mauser was ever chambered for, so you could take the matter up with qualified people from that point.
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    The only Chinese Broomhandles I have been tempted by are the ones they made in .45ACP. I ocassionally see one or two for sale at our local gun show with a price tag around $1k. (That's what's kept me from having one.:D )


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    the broom was made in 30 mauser/9 mm mauser and 9 mm parabelum/chinese made 45 acp guns should be able to look at muzzle and tell if its 30 cal 0r 9mm.