Chinese Art Show comes to town!

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    I work for Colgate University and have a really diverse job. I design, fabricate and repair Scientific Equipment, Technology Enhanced Learning Spaces (Classrooms, auditoriums, sports facilities...) and last but not least, I am an Artwork Preparator!

    I dont hang paintings or put busts of dead people on pedestals, I do Techno Art! Electro- Mechanical, Video, Sound, Lighting and you name it, I prepare it. Preparing can be taking a fully built piece out of a crate and installing it via plans that are enclosed with it or just taking a concept and designing the entire set around it.

    Ive done lots of big shows over the years for world renowned stars in the art world as well as our own resident PHD's and Student artists. Ive been working a challenge over the last few months that is all coming together this coming Tuesday, 30+ pieces from 20+ artists all from China; its the first Opening of its kind in the world called Revolutions Per Minute.

    Its the sights and sounds of China presented in ways that have never been seen in this country. The new York Times announced it a couple weeks ago and its a pretty big deal for Colgate and the Art Community. 7 of the pieces are actually not in buildings at all, thats a challenge in upstate NY in the early spring, we still have lots of snow and its cold! Ive been installing for two weeks solid and will be working the whole weekend, Monday and Tuesday to get all the pieces up and running.

    Just to give you a little idea of the major equipment- 3000' 16/2 speaker wire, 1000' 22/2 wire, 44 speakers, 16 amplifiers, 24 CD Players, 45 Buddha Lotus chanting Idols, 4 mega Jumpstarter packs, 16 Video Projectors, 6 computers, 5 Apple TV receivers, 4 Surround Sound Systems, 6 sound domes, 2 Ipads, more, more and yet more!!!

    Im not doing this alone, I have a team of Electricians, Carpenters, Painters and Artists here and in China to tell me what to do and I figure out how to get it done, Pretty much Project Manager and 10 other jobs at the same time! Its all good, I love this stuff, Ive built 500 learning spaces, they get boring, artists are lots of things but never Boring! Its an extension of my role as the son of an artist, my recently at rest Mom was a Techno Artist before they new what that was!

    Check out the website, its wild and weird! If your in upstate NY, PM Me and I will give you a private tour after its all up and running!