Children and your HD guns

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  1. Missouribound

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    This situation is not something that will affect me since I have no young children or friends with young children. But. If your children bring friends over, do you do something different with your guns? Do the parents of your childrens friends know that you have guns in your house? Do you tell them or tell them to mind their own business? (joke). It seems to me that if I had a small child visiting a home where firearms are kept, I would want to know what is being done to protect inquisitive minds and curious fingers from touching them. What to all of any of you do in these situations?:confused:
  2. deadsp0t

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    This weekend we are having several children over, my daughter will be two on Friday and a party on Saturday. All my friends and family know we have guns in the house and when we have company(not kids) all but my pistol go in the safe. This weekend will be much the same.

    All are always in the safe other then a shotgun and my EDC, just to be clear..

  3. rustypan

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    Anything I'm not carrying stays locked in safe.
  4. stoneam2006

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    I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old my boy (3) nos never to touch them without my ok witch only applies when we plink with the 22. Even so all my guns are unloaded and either in a safe or high on wall on gun racks out of reach my edc very rarely is out of my sight and normally when it is he's not around either. Education with kids is important from the start and its easier to make good habits then break bad ones with other people's kids over for playtime and parties my room is shut and locked untill all people have left. But in my town almost everyone I know has weapons of some sort and shoot often.
  5. Missouribound

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    I have an extended in-law family and all the parents own guns. On tours of their homes I have never seen one, so they must be locking them least I hope so. I never spoke to them about it, and they rarely visit. I too keep mine locked up except for carry, which I tend ot put away when they threaten a visit. I know that in some parts of this country if you own a gun the neighborhood goes into emotional lockdown and you become the main topic of the town. Where I live now if you don't have a gun you are the exception. I was just curious how the gun owner and if the gun owners did anything different when kids were around.
  6. txpossum

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    I grew up in a house where there were always guns around -- rifles hanging on the wall and pistols on the closet shelves. There were three of us kids, and we never thought of messing with any of the firearms without permission from our parrents -- I was fifteen before I could touch my own guns without asking first.

    When married (no kids) or living by myself I just sorta had guns here and there; however when I started living with my current significant other, she had a seven year old (she's now amost 18 -- where did the time go) and I put a lock on a bedroom closet and made that a gun locker. I moved to PA (where Cindy lived) about two years ago, and keep all of my guns exept two locked up, and those two are kept out of sight and where anyone is unlikely to find them.

    Cindy is not a gun person, but she doesn't mind guns -- like me, she grew up in a house where they were common. We live in a rural area. I heard her talking to anotherr woman who asked "would you let your kid go to a house where there were guns", and she replied "I don't know anyone who DOESN'T have a gun".
  7. ScottA

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    We have nieces and nephews that come over regularly. I used to pick up my bedstand gun every time and put it in the safe. Then I found out my mother-in-law brought my nephew over one time without our knowledge. My bedstand gun is now in a biometric safe in the drawer.
  8. lbwar15

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    Well I make sure my kids know gun safety better than they know how to tie there shoes. So if for some reason they do find a gun at somebody's house they know not to play with it.

    I don't tell anyone what I have unless they ask. Like you said it's none of there business so I'm not the first to tell. If they ask however out of respect I will tell them. But people usually assume everyone has a gun ware I'm from. In south Alabama everyone has a gun or twelve. You can expect every 18 year old boy to have a 12ga in his truck and shells in the glove box.

    As far as at the house. All my guns stay locked up at all times. Unless I am doing something with them. If I do not have my EDC on me it will be in the biometric safe on the night stand. At some point I may leave a unloaded gun out to see how my kids react when they find it. You can tell them right from wrong all you won't but that doesn't mean they are going to listen.
  9. Tackleberry1

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    I have children ages 2, 4, 17, and 20...

    Everything I own is locked in the safe... Or on my hip.

    100% retention 100% of the time.

    I refuse to be the next *** hat who's "unattended" gun kills a kid OR is stolen and misused.

  10. fupuk

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    There was a article in a local news paper of four or five kids(15-19y/o) playing Russian roulette with a .22lr revolver a few weeks ago. In the article the 19y/o is being charged with his death and it stated that the firearm was taken from one of the kids grandfather's. And one of the kids said they have "played that game" many other times and was surprised that he got shot in the head. The kids had been drinking and getting high while messing around with the firearm. Those kids probally never were around guns when they were younger and when they got a little older thought it would be fun to get drunk and play around with it. My oldest son is 8 and hes been shooting since he was 7. He still likes playing with play guns in our toy room and shooting zombies. But hes very responsible when it comes to real firearms and he knows the differance and not to handle it unless im with him. I played with toy guns growing up and still to this day play with toy guns with my boys. But they know how to respect real firearms. Its how we as parents teach or kids responsibility about firearms.
  11. kirbinster

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    Mine live in a biometric safe by my bedside. As far as telling people, why? If asked I would not lie, but I would not volunteer info that I had a gun. Do people volunteer to tell you they have dangerous chemicals under the kitchen sink, or propane tanks by the grill, or a chain saw, ax, baseball bat, etc.... Same should hold for a gun.
  12. BeyondTheBox

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    I don't do children, but won't kick a friend out if they bring theirs over, simply make it known I prefer them not. However children or no I have locks on my doors and a safe. The only gun out is the one on me, ever. It's truly that simple, save our no wouldn't matter with lock on bedroom door.
  13. jimogden1984

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    The only safe I have is a small pistol safe I picked up at walmart. No kids in the house usually but when the nieces and nephews are over I make sure everything is in my room with my door locked. Without the key the kids can't get in
  14. kytowboater

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    All mine are locked up. When I come home, sidearm goes into nightstand pistol safe. When friends/family come over, their sidearms get put away to. I refuse to let an accident happen, and my wife feels much better when is done that way.