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    wat was your youngest age when you was goin to hunt , i was 7 wen i maked myself a bow and went in the backyard to hunt birds:) only shotted 2 birds (other 33 flyed away) so what's your youngest hunt
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    My father, god rest his soul, back in 1964 took a five year old child and a two year old Brittany Spaniel into a snow blanketed, corn stubbled field in west central Iowa.
    He was wielding a 12 gauge Stevens side by side.
    The temperature was below freezing as I remember seeing froths of steam exiting his mouth as he spoke to the dog who responded with her own froths and quickening pace.
    I tried to walk in my old mans footprints, but could not cover the distance, but found that if I halved it and stayed in only every other step I could keep up with him.
    All of a sudden he stopped! I ran right into his *** cause I wasn’t looking.
    He turned around to me, and said quietly, shh, . Misty found a bird.
    He shot it, plus three more that day.
    -Pheasant is good eating.
    -Brittany Spaniels kick azz ( All dogs rock)
    -Old Man..............Priceless!!!!!!

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    I think I was about five when I first accompanied my gandfather rabbit shooting. They had been digging up his veggie garden and eating the lettuce so he told me one night that we'd go shooting the next morning. After hardly sleeping at all I was up before first light and already dressed and ready to go before he came in to wake me. Like Gordo, I remember trudging behind him and his 20 gauge SxS. We crept to within about 20 yards of the lettuce patch and I could barely contain my excitement when I spotted the bunnies bounding about. Grandbob let off a few blasts and three rabbits were down! I paraded around all day, barely able to carry the biggest one, telling everyone of how I helped shoot it. Jeez I miss him.
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    I took my 4 year old son on his first hunt the night before last after work and when he got home from school. We were hunting deer out back of the house. I had him stomp around breaking sticks while I rattled. I think I heard one out on the ridge across from us but he didn't come in. Well Isaac got tired and said he wanted to sleep so he tucked into me on the ground and within a minute he was out. Listening to him saw logs beside me was one of the best moments of my life next to my Marage,and my daughter and my son being born.
    Definately a pink fuzzy moment.