Chicago Mayor at it again

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Jtelli71, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Jtelli71

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    Rahm Emanual during a press conference today called for an IL AWB and nation AWB. He sited he has always faught with the NRA and touted his work with the Clinton Administration AWB. Geeezzzzz.
    His dummy chief of police agreed with him and asked that Lisa Madigan appeal the CCW for IL. Am I in dream or do we not have any rights or say so in this. chicago has the highest murder rate in the country and we broke the record for murders this year. I think they would want some help. An unarmed society will make us all pawns and keep us in danger. I sure the thugs love this crap.
  2. Fathead00

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    Rahm and Quinn are both F**KING IDIOTS!!! Chicago will go down in flames with those two running the show!!

  3. fmj

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    The sooner the better!
  4. Mack Bolan

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    yeah....all the while these two nit wits, Rahmadon and McCompstat dont have enough police staff manning the streets of downtown to notice two high profile bank robbers in orange jumpsuits fast roping themselves down (20 stories) 200 feet of knotted bedsheets and escaping the metropolitan correctional facility smack dab in the middle of the loop this morning.....and still at large tonight.

    furthermore, you know how when you lose a lawsuit you often have to pay your opponents legal fees.....the city of chicago just sent a check to the NRA for little over $660,000 buckarooskis......rahmulan had to sign that one.

    checkout secondcitycop blog if you cant believe it.....