Chicago gunstore laws: 100% red tape

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by JWagner, May 27, 2014.

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    that's a good thing, with no gun stores, there is absolutely no way all those gangsters up there will be able to find a gun and they'll finally stop killing eachother. man, chicago has it figured out.

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    I no one has noticed, the drug cartels or Mafias, as the Mexicans call them have come to Chicago. They don't give a hoot about gun Laws. They run the drug and other criminal enterprise organizations. Gringo's etc aren't allowed in, is what I understand. They are taing or are going to take the other gnags off the books. Chicago is largely a cultures of crime. You have the traditional criminal enterprises then you have outlaw Legislators and others that seek and have criminalized the honest Citizens exercising their Second Aamendment Rights and Others. Much like NY when the Sullivan Gang got NY to make it illegal for Citizens to carry guns or have them at home. The Sullivan Gang and others were losing too many members to Citizens that shot back. Politicians couldn't exercise the level of control they wanted, over an armed Populace. Now The Citizen exercising his Rights is the one that goes to jail and their lives ruined. The same now in NJ, Conn, Maryland, California and other places. Politicians and Cronies and their forces are the only ones with Rights now.