Chicago CCW meeting, denied please read.

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    Chicago mayor won’t “roll over” if gun ban lifted.
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    If the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down Chicago’s handgun ban, the city will likely do what Washington, D.C., did when its own ban was overturned two years ago: Put in place all sorts of restrictions to make it tougher to buy guns and easier for police to know who has them.
    Prospective gun owners in D.C. now are required to take training courses that include spending one hour on a firing range and several hours in a classroom learning about gun safety. They also must pass a 20 question test based on D.C.’s firearm laws.
    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he’s encouraged by what he sees in D.C. and vows not go down without a fight.
    “We’re not going to roll over,” Daley told The Associated Press.
    While he and city officials would not say specifically what plans they have in mind if the Supreme Court rules against the city next week, observers say that a ruling favorable to Chicago gun rights supporters will lead to a new round of legislation — and lawsuits.
    “Just like they did in Washington, D.C., the city of Chicago is going to try to make it as difficult and discouraging as humanly possible to keep people from having guns in their homes for personal protection,” said Dave Workman, spokesman for the Bellevue, Washington-based Second Amendment Foundation.
    Since the ban was lifted in D.C., just over 800 guns have been registered in city. The relatively low total comes as the district passed the slew of new requirements that also include being fingerprinted and taking ballistic tests, which could help police track bullets back to specific guns if needed.
    “The Supreme Court tore down the wall, and D.C. built up 95 percent of it again,” said Richard Gardiner, who is suing the district over the new laws on behalf of Dick Heller, the plaintiff in the original case.
    Daley is one of the nation’s most vocal gun control advocates, and has a reputation for wielding his power. And he has a reason to stay tough: while the city’s murder rate has dropped in recent years, but it is still one of the highest in the country.
    Washington, D.C.’s police chief, Cathy Lanier, said the city has “yet to have a case where someone was about to be the victim of a crime where someone pulled a handgun and saved themselves.” However, that isn’t the case in Chicago, and many say that could provide the motivation for more people to purchase guns if a ban is lifted.
    Source: Don Babwin and Jessica Gresko for AP News.

    The Associated Press: Chicago mayor won't 'roll over' if gun ban lifted

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    Rope, tree, politician. Some assembly required.
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    Who anointed these turds? They aren't Royalty!! They need to go!! :mad:
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    Well, they were voted in! By idiots who care more about living in a so-called world class city with all the cultural amenities than keeping their rights. Small minded people afraid of others exercising their rights. Those who feel themselves to be unworthy of their freedoms believe others must feel the same way and are willing to give up freedom for a false sense of security. That's why they react in bizarre ways when confronting people not so cowardly, when they deal with people who prefer to live with the dangers free people face when caring more about liberty than security.

    All of their false concern for the poor and downtrodden and the environment is a mask to shield their moral cowardice from their neighbors. How else can you explain all the pampered rich offspring of business and political leaders saying our mos maiorum is wrong, evil, and must be destroyed? They want for nothing, they strive for nothing, they value nothing. They have no respect for all they have been blessed with and account it worthless. To assuage their supposed guilt, they are willing to destroy what we have to make a Cloud Cuckoo Land for us to inhabit.

    To hell with that! I value my political liberty above whatever schemes these deranged people put forth. My religious liberty and social liberty is too important to just let the deluded and evil move us along to that planned utopia, which always seems to find itself filled with mass graves.

    We let the bastards in, and only we can kick them out. Take the assault rifle of liberty and shove it up the DaleyBloomberg's backside. Sadly there are too many people that earn their bread and cheese by continuing such destructive regimes in our land. It may already be too late, but it will surely be too late if we don't start voting for political liberty instead of a meal ticket....
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    Put Perfectly. Amen
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    It seems like the landscape is changing. A lot of Republicans are realizing they are not Republican...they are Libertarian. A lot of Democrats are realizing they are not Democrat...they are Libertarian.

    I think change is afoot. Maybe we'll see some in Chicago in the next few years.
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    I can only pray that this is the case.
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    Chicago style of government

    First, remember that he is a Daley. They have controlled Chicago for decades. The history of their elections could be considered laughable (The old joke, "In Chicago, vote early, vote often") Daley the Younger was shown a disregard for the rules when they are inconvenient. Ask any private pilot about Miegs Field.

    This will be a tough fight, but worth it. Good Luck!