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chiappa rhino

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What are some opinions of the chiappa rhino. Have never shot or held one, but I am curious.
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I've held several at gun shows, never shot one. I like them. I'll own one at some point.
Cool (looking) gun


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My opinion is that if Chiappa made a variant that held 8 cartridges, moved the Picatinny rail back to a place where it would actually be useful for mounting a weapon light you could hit with your fingers while maintaining a firing grip on the pistol, did away with the useless metal above the barrel so I could mount an Aimpoint Micro or Trijicon RMR between the iron sights, then I would seriously consider picking one up.

Until Chiappa does all of that, I see the Rhino as a neat but impractical curiosity. The grip angle and barrel placement really do seem to mitigate the recoil problem by changing the dynamics of how it affects the shooter, but it doesn't make up for limited capacity, extraneous and heavy metal that provides no place to mount a co-witness micro optic, and a Picatinny weapon light rail that's in the wrong place. Smith & Wesson does the same stupid thing.

The point of having a weapon light is to provide the shooter with an illumination tool that he or she can access while maintaining a firing grip on the weapon. The placement of the rail pretty much negates any advantage of a weapon mounted white light.

For whatever silly reason, there's a school of thought that says the weapon light has to be mounted as far forward as possible to negate shadow cast by the barrel.

Perhaps you could mount one of those stupid micro bayonets on it for some added tacticoolness.

The plastic grip model would be the one I would choose, but the grip texture needs to be the same as that of the wooden grip models.

Apart from that, it's a neat concept gun.
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Never fired one, just handled them at gun shows. It's not nearly as cumbersome as it looks, actually feels pretty good.
I use my 6" Chiappa regularly for pin shoots.The 6" has a nice rail on top,where I use a red dot sight.It;s a very easy revolver to shoot fast and accurate.The low barrel means recoil is driven back into your arm and therefore it has minimal barrel flip.Followup shots are quick.The grip requires an adjustment to a traditional grip.I originally purchased a 4",but traded for the 6" to get top rail for sights,plus a got a thing for long barrels.The Rhino has become my favorite revolver and a real conversation piece at the range.
I always found the grip to look strange but every review I've read says it is great for recoil management.

They do seem pretty high price wise and with Chiappa not exactly known for quality I am extremely reluctant to give one a try. If I ever saw one for rent I'd probably shoot it for pure novelty factor.
I love the concept of the barrel axis being much lower and closer to one's wrist axis. However, Chiappa has really complicated the internal workings, bearing little similarity to a regular DA/SA revolver. I wish that some other maker (Ruger, maybe) would begin with the same layout but a different sheet of paper for the internal mechanicals. The Chiappa looks too prone to something going just a wee bit wrong.
I've held them at gun shows but never fired one. Im hoping to get one eventually. It was extremely easy to bring the pistol up to a natural aim.
I'd like to shoot one. Handled one at the NRA Annual Meetings. Great balance and feel in the hand.
Picked up a snub Rhino and shot it yesterday it is now my favorite gun if you load it with 38s it has practically no recoil at all.
As soon as I can justify the cash, I am placing an order for the 357. If it's all that, the SP101 will be lookin' for a new home. The engineering of the firearm makes all the sense in the world.
I've heard about a gun called the Mateba Autorevolver. It is almost identical to the rhino except that it uses an "automatic" system like the Webly-Fosbery. Is the rhino a "rip-off" of mateba's gun?
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