Chiappa M4-22 Range report!

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Zacsquatch, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Just got back from the range! I had several different types of 22 loads with me this time and a couple targets to sight it in.

    Weather: Sunny, 20*F, light wind moving right to left peaking at 5ph
    Range: 25 Yards
    Sights: Iron
    Position: Sitting offhand (broken foot, couldnt stand)

    Here's the different loads I used and their results.

    CCI Mini Mag 40gr Copper plated round nose- No issues in 50 rounds
    Winchester Super X 37gr copper plated HP- 2 FTE's in 50 rounds
    WRS 40gr Subsonic lead round nose- No issues in 50 rounds
    Remington 40gr Subsonic Lead HP- 2 FTE's and 3 FTFire's in 50 rounds (Note: Bullet was loose in casing, rem ammo sucks in semiautos)
    Aguilla 60gr Subsonic Lead round nose- No issues in 50 rounds (BIG suprise here, I figured the long lead/shot brass heavy round would suck but it was awesome)
    Federal Gold Match 40gr lead round nose- No issues in 50 rounds
    Federal bulk pack 40gr copper plated HP- 3 FTE's in 100 rounds
    Mixed mags... I mixed brass and copper plated with lead, some round some HP of all different brands and loaded 2 mags.- No issues in 50 rounds

    I sighted the Irons in 6 shots.. The wind was light and I was probably pulling to the left on some of these as well.

    I used most of the targets for the round testing and the last one to get a 3 shot grouping. There are also 2 others there from me being a dumbass and shooting the wrong target. I am pretty impressed with it. These 3 I really slowed down and took my time. The rest were just a aim and go to test rounds.

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    You did good considering your handicap any pictures of the upper?