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    Well mostly out of boredom and curiosity i have been doing a lil bit of research lately on a super long range rifle known as the Chey Tac M200 intervention. Now i know that there is no way i could afford one in my current situation, but maybe in a few years if im still single and childless. Im just curious about their availability to civilians and if i had the money where the hell i could get a hold of one. Im also curious to what one would cost i cant seem to find many prices on the net, i did find one for around 12,000. I want to know if a civilian can get a hold of the fancy military ballistics computer that Chey Tac sells to the Military. I plan on doing some big game hunting out west in the next ew years and i think it would be pretty sweet to not only shoot a 6X6 bull elk, but to do it from 1700 yards :D if anyone has any additional info it would be appreciated