Cherry Breaking Range Report...My First Time

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by ProfBri, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. ProfBri

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    First time out with my three new rifles.

    First: The VEPR 308, Sally. She plays rough :p. She's got a solid kick on her. On target too IMO. We were hitting 2' (that's foot) groups in the dirt at 60m. I'm pretty happy with that :) . 12" groups at 25m, pretty darn happy with that too, my first time ever firing a rifle :eek:. Sally and me, we were virgins ;)

    My vz58, Natasha, more gentle but strong :D . Not nearly as precise as Sally, however. Sometimes I couldn't tell which way she wanted to go ;) . We were all over the place in the dirt :D , MAYBE 5' groups. Keep in mind my groups are ten shots. Don't know if that's better or worse, but we did how we did, Natasha and me :cool: . I'd say most of her shots hit the mark at 25m. And she looked gooood dressed in black

    Then there was the 223...OMG, :confused: she couldn't even get her jeans off without help! ;) The trigger wouldn't return to the forward position after each pull! I had to help her myself just to get her to go! What is this, some new California gun law???

    All in all, feelin content...feeelin saaaatisfied... ;)
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    I'm glade you had fun lol, did you make sure to wear protection lol. I took my wasr 10/63 out today and shot at 100 yards today for the first time without my glasses and it was MOA of man 9 out 10 shots on a torso target. But great fun.