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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by dreweB, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. dreweB

    dreweB New Member

    I am lookin at buying an AR from and was wondering if anyone has ever ordered from there? Any pros or cons?
  2. fordracing

    fordracing Member

    Why there? Which one? I haven't bought anything from them. Just make sure that your getting the best deal with tax, shipping and FFL costs. Have you checked gunbroker or the other sites?

  3. ccase39

    ccase39 Member

    I have and they are awesome. I bought a crossbow from them that broke and they exchanged it immediately. I received the new one and I broke it, no fault of theirs or the manufacture and they replaced it in under a week. I got another model and simply didn't like it and they took it back and refunded my money within 2 days. I find their prices as good as anything else you can find once you consider shipping. One thing to look at though is that sometimes they offer the same product at slightly different prices because they ship from warehouses all over the country. Make sure you find the cheapest one. At least this was the case with the crossbow.
  4. j4454

    j4454 New Member

    Don't buy from them. They gouge prices worse than anyone. The guy above is right with all cost your not much more just buying local and not from those scum bags
  5. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    0 should be boycotted by everyone and anyone who has a firearm. During the lean period of ammo shortage and firearms, Cheaperthandirt was the one scoundrel who spiked their prices to an astronomical point that made it very difficult for every American to purchase. They will try to do all they can do to worm their way back into our good graces. But I will NEVER FORGET and will NEVER BUY from them ever again.
  6. TruggieTex

    TruggieTex New Member

    I traded there yesterday, but they had what I needed at a good price and I needed by this weekend. At a 10 minute drive, and with an adjoining firearms store they are a convenient, albeit last resort option for me. The tellers on the gun side are rude-aggressive....the catalogue side would rather not be bothered!
  7. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    They are a bunch of crooks.
    $60 for a 100 round box of Mini Mags.
    How about $200 for a brick of Armscor .22 ammo?
    Perhaps some 9mm practice ammo is more to your taste? $30 ish +S&H, such a deal.:rolleyes:
    Does any of that seem reasonable?
    Oddly enough, things have begun to ease up somewhat on ammo availability and pricing locally, but not CTD.
    Oh, and it isn't as if their prices were all that special before their recent shenanigans.
    I will go WAY out of my way to avoid using them for anything in the future. Hell, I'll pay Cabela's prices before I patronize CTD.
  8. fsted2a

    fsted2a Active Member

    I use to get my ammo from CTD. At the time, the prices weren't so bad, about 12 cents a round when bought by the case. I made the mistake once of buying a collapsable buttstock from them. Turns out the threads on the tube weren't CNC'd, and I had to cant it sideways a little to hold the buffer detente in. It was a DPMS brand, and I was putting it on a DPMS lower, so they should have matched. Anyway, it doesn't look like they will get my business any more. Just my .02
  9. PappaJim

    PappaJim New Member

    I assure you Cheaper than Dirt has competition in the On-line hunting and shooting supply business. Anyone who is intrested in finding a better alternative to CTD is free to private message me for a recommendation to a good company. I'll even give you a coupon code for added savings.
  10. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Papa Jim- I have had correspondence and dealing with AIC himself for a number of years. Could not say enuff good things about him, and products I have seen come out of there. Used to hang out on the AuctionArms forum. If you speak with the man, please tell him C3 sends his best.
  11. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Cheaper Than Dirt is not to be trusted (IMHO), They do in fact price gouge and misrepresent products.

    WTS, I do not believe they actually sell guns. They have function to put sellers and buyers together, much like Autionarms, Gunsamerica and Gunbroker.
  12. texas724

    texas724 New Member

    I personally will not be shopping with them anymore. Some items are well priced, and others are completely unique or hard to find, and CTD can offer them. However, after the price gouging, and what they did to the market after December 2012 I feel much better working with a smaller online retailer. Feel free to PM for some suggestions. Be sure to shop around to find the best deal on your AR choice, and be sure to check the shipping fees.
  13. AgentTikki

    AgentTikki New Member

    I only use them when they have the lowest prices. If their prices are too high, I don't buy from them. They do have funky store policies on shipping to Kommiefornia that I don't understand. Like some 5.56 ammo they won't ship, but some .223 ammo they will. I don't understand them. Also I don't like how they have different warehouses and if you order multiple type of items they hit you with additional shipping from multiple locations.
  14. onenut58

    onenut58 New Member

    I wont buy any thing from them ever again after I seen how bad they took advantage of the ammo shortage. Buds guns are a good place to shop online.
  15. flybuddy

    flybuddy New Member

    Dirt must be expensive where they come from.
  16. Dennis845

    Dennis845 New Member

    Saves me from writing the exact response, thanks!
  17. PappaJim

    PappaJim New Member

    Yep C3 I knew you instantly when I saw your name when I was signing up here. You remember me as Mirandavold from over there.
  18. BigBizz87

    BigBizz87 New Member

    Nicely put!!!
  19. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member


    I've done thousands of dollars of business with them over the last 2 years.
    They ship promptly, things are well packaged and arrive error free, just as described.

    They have made a lot of enemies on this board in the last 6 months especially when they raised thier prices 200 % on some items during the panic months.

    And they do deserve some scorn and lost business for that.

    me, I will not go so far as to boycott them as they have the most user friendly website and a very complete selection and have p[performed well for me in the past.

    Most their items are now priced same as elsewhere again some lower, some higher.
    On some items they are too high so I dont buy.
    On many they are quite good.

    I dont believe in demonizing folks who have done me so many good turns in the past and many items are hard to find elsewhere
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  20. Steel_Talon

    Steel_Talon New Member

    CTD did a lot of damage to their customer base. As a company they can charge whatever price they want. But they offended good repeat customers their concrete ship becomes Adobe and starts to leak and ultimately sinks....

    <---ex loyal CTD Customer
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