Cheap reactive pistol targets

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    Made up some "bleeder" targets a while back. Will post pics. Here goes... Take a magazine of news print or picture of your favorite villian. Mine was osama bin laden. Photocopy/enlarge the pic (Office Depot). Take some ketschup packs the kind you get from Mcbunglholes or Booger King (boost a bunch next time you order fries wit dat). Using wide strip masking tape lay the bin laden print down on a table place 2 to 3 ketchup packs on top of print in "turbin" area. Lay the tape over the ketschup packs so it adheres and flow the tape out to form a rag head shape. Voila! instant 2 dimensional reactive bleeder target. Take to your favorite range and enjoy fun filled day of hilarious turbin splattering carnage. Kids love it. Oh, by the way... You can sharpen your sniper skills as well with these.

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    Nice scope. Where's the bleeder?

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    Still no bleeder pics?