Cheap laser experiences, anything good?

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    Last year I got a laserlyte laser ($50) for my p95, It wouldnt sight in properly. So to the company it went and I got a refund, then got the next step up, laserlyte mini QD ($80). It worked just fine for a week or so, then started going on and off, so to the company it went for replacement. They sent me one that had gotten tested for function. I just put it on my rugerSR9c, and it worked just fine for the first range trip, then I got it home and it started messing up. I dont want to get it replaced again, Id rather get another one.

    This is important to me, my wife had shot 3" to the right since we had gotten the SR9c, this completely corrected the prolem, and she totally stopped flinching. Now Im lookin for a decent laser for around 50 dollars, Im not sure I can find one. Ill never get a laserlyte product again. What aout a sightmark, _SA, or a _arska (sorry that letter _utton sucks), or any others under 50dollars.

    I know the whole 'get what you pay for' thing, though Im really trying to find a decent deal, on something that I dont have to _et my life on.
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    Strangely enough, getting a replacement on/off switch ain't expensive, and will probably solve your issue...
    just get one from another company ;)
    I've put cheapo press-to-activate BSA switches on more expensive lasers just to have them work...

    But it is SO important to get a High Quality Laser...there's a reason they cost more...

    I've got a Glock 20SF 10mm that I wouldn't THINK of putting a cheap laser on, simply because the recoil would destroy a cheap one.

    Lasermax is the way I'd go...LMS Micro is $92 at ManVentureOutpost...
    UnimaxES Red is $149 or less at most dealers...
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    You get what you pay for with lasers. The lasers i put on top of my glock 19 were $200 w/o installation and they are durable and last. The most important thing is that they have never failed.