Cheap Bed Gun Rack

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by doomrus26, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. doomrus26

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    Things you will need.

    1. Cheap white curtain rod. (any length will work)

    2. 1 roll of electrical tape.

    3. Bed

    4. Shotgun.

    White Curtain as shown.


    Next take it apart.

    Then take your electrical tape and wrap the hooked end of the rod so there are no sharp ends.

    Then repeat the process.

    Then place hooks between mattress and box spring.

    Add gun and push in to make a tight fit.

    Last step sit back and defend your home!

    Because of my charging handle the gun is facing the way it is. While next to my bed it's keep full of 00 Buck Without one in the chamber. This gun is a Mossberg 930 it holds 7+1 chambered for 2 3/4" and 3". I love this gun!!.

    While making this I was trying to avoid using Tape. But in the end it worked! I did try to used that As seen on TV flex seal and that failed badly. Was thinking about using spray bed liner, undercoating, or plastic dip/tool dip. But did not have any on hand. Please tell me what you think and if you any ideas or if you try something different please share.
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    Very keen idea. Thanks for posting. It can save anyone about forty dollars or more.

  3. colmustard

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    Nice I like it! I may have to do that myself.