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Cheap ar15 lowers?

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My dads getting me my first gun for Christmas! However with all the recent shootings, people want more gun control and I'm saving my money so I can also get an ar15 lower later. Does anyone know of where I can get a cheap ar15 lower? Preferably a complete one? My dad said if I get them money hell take me to get it.
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Hate to tell ya but the days of the cheap lowers are long gone. Demand and short supply has caused price jumps , not gouging yet but higher pricing for sure . the days of the $49 PSA lowers are well . probably never seen again . There are some out there but they will be in the $119-$159 price range
Yeah that's what I mean, sub 150$ range like a new frontier lower.
I bought two M&P lowers but they were 149.99 each. After tax, $315. Stripped mind you. A little high but they were from LGS so I didn't have to pay Shipping or FFL transfer fee. After those fees, would have been just as much.
I know it says 6.8 on it but it is a mil spec AR15 lower and a 5.56 / .223 upper will fit just fine , So will all the mil spec lower parts kits

Thats about as cheap as your going to get one for as most are out of stock every where
I had a Detroit Gun Works lower in my safe already. Then I found a LGS had just received a shipment of PSA lowers so I picked one up. After the shooting I went back to get another PSA. There were 10 of them when I got my first PSA and three left the following Saturday, one day after the shooting. This was in a small town.
All the lowers were $100.
I can't do much with them as parts kits are scarce.
I want to buy locally. I'm young and my dads old. It'd be to complicated for him lol
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