Cheap Ammo?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by hrswearingen, Aug 24, 2008.

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    I bought a 40 S&W at a local gun show. I mentioned I would have to stop at Wal-Mart and get some Ammo and the gun dealer told me not to buy from Wal-Mart as there Ammo is all underpowered because they struck a deal with manufactures to under power there loads. Could there be any truth to this?
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    Welcome to the Forum first off...

    While I have never heard of such a thing, I suppose it's possible since Wal*Mart may be the founding stock of the downfall of civilization... :D

    For cheap, reliable ammo, I like Surplus Ammo Dot Com

    These guys are at every gun show here and always have a crowd around them. Their stuff is always brand new, or clearly marked as reloads / once fireds and their prices are always very, very good.

    Give them a try and see what you think.


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    Well two sayings come to mind 1) truth is stranger than fiction 2) anythings possible

    Only thing is with the internet and all the competition for anything even ammunition is fierce these days I just can't imagine that Americas big ammo companies "Winchester , Remington and Federal" would want to chance ruining their reputations for making quality ammo especially on such a large scale .

    I'm pretty sure Walmart sales represent hundreds of thousand if not millions or even tens of millions of rounds sold every year .

    It's been my experience that ammo at a pure gun shop sells for no less than 1 1/2 times that of what a discount store sells it for , I think he just wanted to increase his bottom line a bit .
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    All ammo made by the major manufacturers, as members of SAAMI, conforms to SAAMI specs for that round.

    I can assure you, NONE of them sell down loaded ammo to Walmart or anybody else. They have the same SKU and product number as those at Jim Bob's concrete, live bait and guns sells.

    Ole Jim Bob @ the gun show may tell you that..but he is wrong !

    Walmart pays no freight on the is all delivered to the closest Walmart distribution center and trucked by Walmart to their stores.

    Ole Jim Bob pays freight on every box of ammo he buys from a distributor unless he buys by the pallet load....add in his profit and it is going to sell for more than Walmart.

    While it is important to support your local gun store and gun shows, in today's economy, price is the consumers choice.

    Paying freight on a case of 45acp across the country UPS could cost a dealer $ 30 or more. That adds $ 1.50 more per box before he makes a dime on selling the ammo.

    All factory ammo, for liability reasons, must meet the minimum velocity standards published for that round.
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    Dgunsmith I believe is right on on this one. To sell downloaded ammo would introduce a rather large liability for Wal-mart. OK wal-mart is in business to MAKE MONEY why would they leave the door wide open to take their profits and put them squarely in the pocket of Jumbo Fartknocker that would be just STUPID.
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    Dgunsmith is absouletly correct. Even my son buys WWB .45 and shoots them in his $18,000 Thompson machine gun. He has more issues with me reloading ammo than he does with Walmart.
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    I've bought literally 1000's of rds. of WWB .40 S&W ammo and NEVER had an underpowered load. That was when a box of 100rds. was only $16 - now it's almost twice that price.

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    down loaded ammo might not operate a gun like a 40.SOOO who could afford to take that chance besides they go by saam specs.:rolleyes:;)
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    you can tell if you buy a cronagraf

    shoot the ammo threw the conagraff tells you the speed
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    I will call BS on that too. Billy Bob is trying to tell you a story to get you to buy from him. If you understand the logistics of the issue, it makes sense. Wally World can sell for less because they buy in huge lots and truck it themselves. If you want to support your local dealer, great. But if the dealer is slinging BS, maybe you need to take your business elsewhere.

    It could be that he "heard" that Wally World had under power ammo from some great internet source. He might actually believe it. He may not be dishonest, just gullible.