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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by PeteZaHut, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. PeteZaHut

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    Anyone know of any websites that sell cheap ammo? The only one I know of is cheaperthandirt and I would like to shop around
  2. BallisticSurgeon

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    0,, and I use most of the time though.

  3. fupuk

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    What calibers are you looking for? I usually use georgia arms when i buy bulk range ammo. I buy 9mm, .38's and .357 and depending on where you live and how much you spend shipping is free. To Michigan i have to spend $400 to get free shipping.
  4. BlueTurf

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    There really are no "cheap" ammo vendors out there. Ammo prices have gone up across the board, including online vendors. You also have to factor shipping costs into the total price. For a lot of popular cartridges Walmart has the lowest prices. The Winchester white box ammo is actually decent ammo. I keep hearing about but their prices are really not that great compared to other online vendors. They do have a pretty good selection. I check ammo availability and prices just about every other day. If any of you want to stock up on your ammo or reloading components I would suggest getting right on it. As the election nears there will be a serious run on guns and ammo.
  5. JWagner

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    Take a look at and SouthernOhioGun. SOG has some good prices on Nagant pistol ammo and also 8mm Mauser. It is best to buy in quantity, which might tie up more money than you want, but it does lower the price. I got 900 rounds of 8mm Mauser for $220 delivered.
  6. MrsArmyWife

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    Buyers beware of this online ammo vendor

    I recently had a run in with this vendor based out of Farmington, CT. Parent company goes by Delmic Enterprises, LLC "dba" Target Sports USA and/or

    I recently placed an order with them, since I do admit, they have good prices. But when I received the package, I noticed that the ammo I got was not what I ordered. I called Customer Service and told them about their error. He said that I shouldn't be complaining because I supposedly got a better one. I told him, that's fine and dandy, but my husband specifically requested a particular kind. I continually told him that the order is incorrect. He asked to speak to my husband because I was "ignorant" of the differences. I told him he was in Afghanistan and he can call there if he wants. He was rude, curt, and provided poor service! After yelling at me, he said fine and that he would issue an RMA and refund. I told him I didn't want a refund and all I wanted was an exchange - that simple. He flat out said NO! I asked "why" and unbelievably, he said "Because I don't want to!" WOW!

    I understand I am new to all this, but I placed an order based on the instructions my husband gave me. He wanted a particular type/kind and that's what I ordered. Regardless if what they shipped is better, they still provided me the wrong product. Instead of educating me, I was yelled at, insulted, and belittled! I just wanted to share my experience with folks looking to buy ammo online. Buyer Beware! Very military unfriendly and rude! Please pass it on!
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    For cheap 9MM try
    Good stuff and good people.

    Semper Fi

    Don <><
  8. tomingreeneco

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    :eek: There are always a few a-holes out there. I would go to different forums and tell about your experience. I would also contact someone higher up in the company. With customer service like that they will not be in business long.
  9. locutus

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