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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by poolshark13, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. poolshark13

    poolshark13 New Member

    anyone have experience with charter arms revolvers? i know they aren't horridly expensive, which is kinda the draw, but how do they hold up over time, and use?
  2. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Not bad. Not real great, but not bad. Definitely better than the RG revolvers of the 60s, better than the Lorcin/Jennings class of arm. If you are looking for something to shoot 300 rds every Saturday, would keep looking. Finish not as good as S&W, Colt, Ruger, etc- but again, not bad.

  3. DKA

    DKA New Member

    Have a Charter Arms 32, that have had for 30 years and it is still great.
  4. fapprez

    fapprez New Member

    Ive heard that Charter isn't was it used to be. Now, I don't know if this is true, as I've never owned one, but it does go with what you have said.
  5. poolshark13

    poolshark13 New Member

    im not looking for a real heavy use gun. as long as it will go bang when the triggers pulled, thats about what im looking for. it definitely wont see as many rounds as my s&w's, but it never hurts to have a reliable back up.


    CHARTER ARMS? I'd say look elsewhere's, same $

    hello all

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    I agree with many of the Previous posts about Charter Arms! I have seen them come and seen them go? I had a 22 Survival Rifle they made, Horrible, it was crap and sold it off, got 3 more like it over 12 years about 1/2 were operational without a lot of work? I have owned an Undercover Model in 38SPCL, an Undercoverette in 32 Long and a Bulldog in 44SPCL, if your looking for a light, easy to carry handgun, that you shoot seldomely, but carry a lot, these will do the work! If you do shoot them a lot, many time, YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS! I know many have had thiers for years, But Honestly, how many rounds in all that time? Most of the 38's snubs and others I've onwed from them , were lite duty made! carry was sweet, but shooting them always works, but in the long run, I sold them off? I was thinking about getting another, this time a New Charter 38, then I was looking in shotgun news and Found a Lot mbetter gun for the same money! Armscorp makes snub, 2" or a 4" model, not a snub, but by the same folks, I've had and now own the 2", it's the Model 206, Sarco usually carries them and out the door mine was about $200 news in box with a warranty! It's all steel 6 shot intead of 5, feels better, shoots better and costs about darn near what a Cahrter wil cost ya, that's just another option, Plus Charter has a Bad Habit of closing up shop and leaving ya hanging? Armscorp has been around a lot longer anfd though I'm not wild about all they make or import, there 200 series of revolvers are good! Just my .02 check it out and see what ya like better,. if ya need lighter and about Same $, Charter, if ya like an all steel frame, 6 shots and Feel of Colt Detective special, pick the Armsorp 206?
  7. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Unless you can find a very early one, don't buy one. The quality of the new and newer Charter Arms firearms is spotty at best. If you want a backup gun, you need 100% reliability. Don't trust your life to a Charter Arms handgun.

    Find a used Smith or Colt or Sp101 or something. If you ever have to draw the weapon, it has to go bang right now.

    Just my two cents. ;)
  8. darrellkansas

    darrellkansas New Member

    If you find a original Charter the barrel will be stamped "Stafford Conn" buy it for 200.00 or less,150.00 is better.
    Charter Arms 2000 will do warranty work on it
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  9. Mitya Karamazov

    Mitya Karamazov New Member

    I had an older Charter Bulldog .44spc. for quite a while , even took it out west once to this "shootin school" , the fellows out there were very adept and quite squared away , but they were a bit flummoxed by myself and my lil' pistol. They were pretty much Glock .40's or nuthin out there .

    Anyway , the ol' Bulldog had a loong and rough double action pull , but single action was actually pretty sweet , and I could still make them range-monkeys gawk at the 5in. groups at 15yds. {trust me , that's tight with that pistol} , the gun was reliable , and fairly comfortable . It was no Ruger , but then it wasn't tryin to be either. I carried it for quite a while , and put a fair amount of pretty hot rounds through it , and it never really got any more play in it . All in all it was a good gun for the money {$195} and I kinda wish I hadn't sold it . The new ones , I haven't looked at yet , but I'm real interested in the .327 cartridge , so Charter may have an affordable way into it.
  10. bogey

    bogey New Member


    Have an old (bought it 40+ years ago) Charter .38 2"; remember shooting some reloads an ex-brother-in-law madefor a 6" S&W; didn't do that again! As with most of my guns, it has been carried more than it has been shot; I still throw it in the rig when traveling just because it is handy; of course, I prefer one of my .45s or .357 or .40 but Hell once in a while I toss in a .44 mag or even an old Colt 32-20. Don't know what the current Charters are like but this one has stood the test of time!
  11. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    Imo the charter arms are less durable than other major brand revolvers-I've had to repair several so that MAY affect my views on them. They are meant to be carried more than shot.
  12. freefall

    freefall New Member

    Bought my lovely wife a Target Bulldog .44sp in 1978. Doubt it's ever had 300 rounds through it. It still lives on her night stand. (night stand is not original) It works, but it's put together with drift pins where real firearms use screws, and the pins tend to wander. I've put on a bit of lok-tite with a tooth pick to make them stay home, but if I was to do it over, I'd rather just buy a real gun. She now has a Colt Officers ACP to carry.
  13. stetson

    stetson New Member

    The old ones are well made compared to the newer ones.
  14. dispatch

    dispatch New Member

    I can't comment on the new ones, but years ago I got a Bulldog and a Bulldog Pug, 44 Special, stamped "Stafford Conn" and I will never let them go. Both revolvers have been totally reliable. The .44 is not especially comfortable in a light snubbie, but not brutal. Both of these revolvers are easy to carry.

    REDTAIL Member

    I just posted my experience with my new Charter arms 44 bulldog, great gun for the price, Charter Arms is a re- orginazed company and is putting out great made guns that are dependable etc :)
  16. anton

    anton New Member

    Charter snubbys

    I have to agree 'Redtail'. They may not be the prettiest guns,-(mines all flat black)- but it has NEVER not fired when I wanted it to. :) A
  17. Fierdon

    Fierdon New Member

    I have an old Target Bulldog .357 Magnum, my Grandfather bought it new in '74 i think, he gave it to my uncle and my uncle recently gave it to me. It's nowhere near as 'pretty' as the newer revolvers, but i took it out to shoot it after it being in a gun safe all this time and its extremely accurate, I was surprised.. I love the gun!
  18. flbandit

    flbandit New Member

    I had an Offduty (I think) .38 model a few years ago. It shot decent and was light and easy to handle. Plus I think I only paid about $150 for it.
  19. KellyTTE

    KellyTTE New Member

    The old charter arms stuff is GTG. The new 'Charter2000' stuff is teh suck.
  20. propex

    propex New Member

    I have and carry a Charter Arms .44 made by the new company Charter Arms 2000. Not a great looker always goes bang and hits where I point it. No its not a Smith and Wesson but neither is the price
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